Learn To Rely On Yourself - Be Proactive Through Self-Help

Help Yourself

How would you answer this question:

What is the correct meaning of modern life?

Without any hesitation you can say that modern life is a combination of difficulties and challenges.

Obviously, most people expect someone's help when they are in trouble. Will you get a helping hand from your neighbors or other close relatives? Perhaps, but more and more we can say 'no' due to the commercialization of human life. Computerized man counts each second in monetary values and hence, there is no time for extending help to others.

Most people have forgotten the words "help to others". Man must live life by himself and he should not depend on others. He tries to move forward in his life by helping himself rather than waiting for others to help bring him out of difficulties.

The abominable vision gives us an instant spurt of enthusiasm to improve ourselves and grow out of all difficulties. This enthusiasm makes you a better man and an ideal human being in the future.

Proactive people always try to improve themselves with self-help. Only passive people wait for another's help. Feel like a roaring lion and hunt your meal yourself. Don't expect someone else's help. Lazy jackals wait for help and only get to eat the food left by the king lion.

Self-help and self-reliance generate confidence and they are essential traits for greater personality development. They strengthen your existing skills and mold you into a daring hero to achieve extraordinary things.

In this modern world, self-help is the best help due to competition in all fields. If you want to grow in your life, you have to take the initiative when searching for better ways to reach higher levels. Our youth must also adopt self-help principles in their lives to achieve their goals.

Suggestions: Tackle all challenges patiently until you reach your destination. Don't depend on others. Seek advice from your family elders and teachers, whenever required. Try to make wise decisions in your own way.

Your mind is a repository of thoughts. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts, you can handle any troublesome situation smoothly. Positive people search their own ways to solve their problems. They seldom look for someone's help.

Remember friends, for every problem there is a solution.

Try to solve your problems courageously. Don't blame others. Life is a learning experience. Face all your adversities and pains with greater heroism to survive in this aggressive, competitive world. If you fail a thousand times, make another attempt. Finally you will be the winner. Have a firm faith in yourself so that you can accomplish any task successfully without another's help.

Copyright 2008 Srinivas Vissapragada
Assistant Professor, K L University Business School
Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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