One night my brother and I sat in our basement discussing our problems, one in particular, our father. Our father had just recently turned himself in for stealing.

He had stolen from us, (his own sons, which totaled to be quite a large sum), other family members and who knows who else. You see my father has a compulsive gambling problem, which has lead him to lose everything in his life including his family.

But that night as my brother and I talked, I mentioned to him that although our father has done so many terrible things, I still loved him greatly. My brother said he felt the same but this greatly confused me and made me feel lost.

As we talked, I brought up the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ. I told him there was a passage I wanted to read to him. So I went and retrieved my Bible from my bedroom. I couldn't remember exactly where the passage was but as I was searching, I came across a passage that has forever changed me. It was "Corinthians 1:13."

As I read the passage I realized why God can forgive and love us even after we have committed such harsh sins. I don't believe I had stumbled onto this passage by accident. God shows his meanings to all of us, we just have to believe.

Copyright © 2001 Ben Dorr