There is a thing which every teen goes through, their first crush. But how many of us actually stop to think about it, to see if it's just for the sake of it or if it really is a real attraction? But does it matter? The answer, no, it doesn't really matter.

There was a time, when if someone told me that crushes were fading phases of our lives, I would get angry. Why? Because I would think that that person was not taking me seriously. This is what every one of us feels, but we never stop to think how true it is.

The day when I first met THAT guy, I thought that this was it, we are meant for each other and then the mood swings would take their toll. It wasn't a great feeling but this was a phase of life and we have to face it one day or the other.

There was a time when I would get fed up with life and always asked myself one question - why me? Why am I the one going through this? But guys, this isn't the end of life, it's actually the beginning. I wanted to talk to someone about it but nobody actually understood enough to understand me.

That was when I first turned to my diary. Believe me, it helped a lot. It made the impossible possible. It actually changed my life. The world became a new, unexplored thing to me.

For me, writing in my diary was a challenge. As I turned through the pages I had written on, I noticed some were tear streaked and some had smiling faces drawn near the margin. I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement every time I wrote in it. I always felt like I was writing in it for the first time. I never got bored with it.

It was a new thing every time and this changed my life completely from a sad, quiet person, I became bubbly and full of life. Everything seemed colorful and fun and exciting. It is a wonderful feelings guys, and I want each one of you to experience it.

So anytime you feel lonely or sad, turn to your best friend, your diary.

Author Unknown
--- Submitted by S.I., Age 13 --- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates