I Smiled

I Smiled

...When my dad laughs at a joke I made or when he hugs me goodnight.

...When my baby sister used my hand to rub her eyelids when she was sleepy.

...The time I caught a butterfly with my bare hands and let it fly away in front of the next door neighbor kids and they all said, "WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!"

...When I get a letter from my Grandma and how she always signs it, 'Loads of love'.

...When I watched my dad help my little brother learn to ride the new two wheeler he got for his birthday.

...When my brother and I went out for ice-cream and we ended up going Christmas lights watching while we were out.

...The time when my dad and I sang along with the beach boys on the car radio when we got lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night.

...When my friend (I call him my big brother) gives me noogies and playfully teases, "You're just too happy all the time!"

...When my dad, my brother and I went camping and we played Roger Miller songs all night.

...When my little brother first tried to mow the lawn and he kept making figure 8's."

Lori Hard --- California

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