Isn't It Nice?

Isn't It Nice

Isn't it nice to be used for the purposes of God? Isn't it good to let God has His way with us? There is a rather crude way of saying how a man is having his way with a woman, but isn't it so wonderful and joyous when the Lord has His way with us? But the question that begs to be asked is: am I allowing God into my life in the way that He wants me? Or am I giving Him what I think He wants?

There's no question about it in my life, I would like to think that I'm giving Him all that I am, but when He tallies up my day, my God must be very disappointed in His earthly child. This is where I come humbly before the Lord and ask Him for His forgiveness for my shortcomings.

But I will tell you this, my brothers and sisters, I'm a whole lot better than what I was! Now I'm shooting for the mark and not allowing the thorn in my side to prevent me from being more than I am. And I have a long way to go too! I thank God for this opportunity to examine where I was compared to where I am, and looking forward to the changes (and challenges) in the future. In the dinner of life, (a rhetorical question) how large a serving are you giving the Lord?

When God gives us His all to me, what am I giving back?

Isn't it nice that the Lord lays on our hearts that in the true realm of the Kingdom, He allows a little of grace and blessings to seep into our lives when we give a little. And isn't also so very nice, that when we trust Him and don't hold back, He doesn't either!

Copyright 1998 Robert Gary Lee --- Maryland