Finding Kindness

Love Is Kind

Here is a true story I have to share with You about Kindness...
Yes, Love Is Kind

I was a kid then, a child of about 10 -12 yrs of age. As kids we loved to have candies and anything edible. One day I went to a shop with just a 5 Paise coin. Well you know, even at that time, it was simply nothing. To be honest, I was smart enough to know that. But still, I went to the shop with my younger brother Duff who was only a small child around 3-5 yrs of age.

What I want to share with you is about this kind lady, Mei Deng. She showed me what kindness is all about.

As we approached the shop, I gave the 5 paise coin to my younger brother (call me what you like, I deserve it...) and I instructed him to get something, while I was standing close by him.

Inside the shop, he asked the young person behind the counter for some candies or anything - fruits or nuts. She asked my brother Duff what he had and as he showed her the 5 Paise; he was scolded and sent away.

After being told that 5 Paise cannot buy you anything, I was there to hear that my, call it cunning or smart, plans failed.

Hey wait! The story doesn't end here.

There was a voice, the voice of kindness, from inside the shop. "Hey little boy come here," the voice said gently and this beautiful, kind and gentle Mei Deng called us back and gave us the nuts we loved.

Well believe me, to my amazement, she gave us so much. So much that as I write this to you, tears are swelling in my eyes.

It's not just about the nuts that I remembered now though, but oh, the "KINDNESS" this Lady had.

With 5 Paise I thought I could get nothing, but oh KINDNESS, you gave me everything.

Mei Deng passed away a long time back, but in my heart she lives. She had shown me what Kindness can do to make Me and You a better person; that by giving, you get.

Copyright 2009 Tony Jana
Note: It is more Blessed to give than to Receive, so says the Bible. Be Kind and give, for you will have much, and create the space so God can fill it much more.