Every day heroes are like you and me.

We meet them at work, in the grocery shop, on the busy street and everywhere.

They come in all shapes and sizes; we only have to look all around us.

Every day heroes have attitude.

They maybe the stranger, who rescues a teenager from a wrecked car,

Or the next-door neighbor fighting a battle with cancer,

Or the lady who lives down the road; struggling to relearn, after severe brain injury.

They have a ready smile in spite of their pain.

They never complain and always think positively.

They have great vision, no handicap; no obstacle can keep them from pursuing their dreams.

They never give up and do not let us give up either.

They never take relationships for granted.

They care a lot about other people in the community.

They always say, " I know what you are going through."

They have an indomitable spirit and great strength.

They have a lot of faith and courage.

They take pleasure in performing small acts of kindness rather than in grand intentions.

They look for the best and give the best, they have.

They inspire us to carry on when things go wrong

And teach us how to sing even when the sky turns gray.

They teach us a lot about living and how to appreciate the gift of life.

And they see a beginning in every end.

Every day heroes are people who touch our lives

And leave footprints on our hearts to change our lives forever.

Copyright © 2000, Nandini Cardoso --- Goa, India
All rights reserved; This poem cannot be reprinted without permission.