During a trying time in my life I have received much comfort from the comments and the input of your readers and I would like to submit a bit of wisdom of my own. It results from my life experiences thus far.

Do not look in books for instructions on how to live your life. By doing so you will only end up following someone else's road. Look only inside yourself.

You must trust your own voice, think with your own mind, follow your own heart, and believe in your own dreams. Only you know what you need or what is good for you.

You can only survive and succeed when you are true to yourself and not to the opinions of others. Do not look at life through the eyes of someone else; do not end up second-guessing your own thoughts and feelings in the false belief that others are automatically wiser than you are.

Trust your self, listen to your heart, chart your own course, be your own North Star and be what the Great Spirit intended you to be - one of a kind.

Copyright © 2002 Gitta Rives