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September 26, 2007
" Losers give excuses of why they lost; winners tell how they won. Are you the one that gives excuses?"
Copyright © 2003 Woody Lee
I was coaching my daughters softball team(15U) and wanted to motivate them so they would not keep giving me excuses of why they could not do something.

September 26, 2007
" To get unusual results you must do unusual things."
Written in 2007 by Scott Smigler --- Massachusetts

September 26, 2007
" Vision dictates Mission which determines Strategy, which surfaces Goals that frame Objectives, which in turn drives the Tactics that tell an organization what Resources, Infrastructure and Processes are needed to support a certainty of execution."
Copyright © 1988 Mike Myatt

September 24, 2007
" It is very easy to find a scapegoat in every project, but easier to solve the problem by taking responsibilities and working on them; that is the difference between being a manager and a supervisor."
Written in 2007 by Vivek Verma --- India

September 24, 2007
If I need positive thoughts,
I think about my best student.

If I need motivation,
I think about my worst.

If I need a laugh,
I have a story for every day of the week.

If I need to understand,
I think about my student without a place to call home.

If I need to believe,
I think about the twinkle in their eyes when they first read.

Whatever "I need", my students give me.
I owe it to them to return the favor.
Copyright © 2007 Amy Sinness

September 24, 2007
" Management without observance is a threat to an organization. Observing is simple but a really giant power of a good leader."
Written in 2007 by Ravi Kumar Keenoo --- Mauritius
Observing proves to be the ignored power of an organization.

September 19, 2007
" Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal."
Vince Lombardi

September 19, 2007
" You're only as good as the people you hire."
Ray Kroc

September 19, 2007
" If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own."
Henry Ford

September 17, 2007
" Life is made up of Imagination, Perception, Reality and Belief. Validate your perception and convert your imagination to dreams and goals and believe in the reality of possibility."
Written in 2007 by Shamsud Ahmed --- India
I believe in the possibility of things and have been working with a very highly motivated team and passing this message every day through stories, poems and motivational speeches. Recently we started a campaign, " What you want to be written on your gravestone."

September 17, 2007
" Willingness to change is a strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while."
Jack Welch

September 17, 2007
" A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better."
Jim Rohn

September 12, 2007
" A goal is created three times. First as a mental picture. Second, when written down to add clarity and dimension. And third, when you take action towards its achievement."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Varun Raj --- India

September 12, 2007
" A good soldier obeys without question, a good officer commands without doubt."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Angela N. --- Australia

September 12, 2007
" Good leaders make people feel that they're at the very heart of things, not at the periphery. Everyone feels that he or she makes a difference to the success of the organization. When that happens people feel centered and that gives their work meaning."
Warren Bennis

September 10, 2007
" To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business life."
Samuel Johnson

September 10, 2007
" So what do we do? Anything - something. So long as we don't just sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late."
Lee Iacocca

September 10, 2007
" One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency."
Arnold Glasow

September 5, 2007
" Celebrate your victories, but learn from your failures."
Copyright © 1988 Michael B. Zapp
Teaching kids how to get pass tough training moments. It helps to avoid frustration.

September 5, 2007
" We are strong when we think that we are strong, we lead when we think that we are leading, we are ahead when we think we are ahead, yet, we will fail when we think we can't."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kamyghebat Kamz --- Malaysia

September 5, 2007
" Lead, do not manage...practice what you preach...live the life you are teaching about...it's the only way others will truly believe and true belief becomes reality."
Copyright © 2007 Marion Licchiello


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