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JULY 2007


July 30, 2007
" The key to victory is not to choose a path to victory, but to choose so that all paths lead to victory."
L. M. Bujold --- Submitted by Mike Scullin --- New York
This seemed to me to be the zen essence of making choices. Things work a certain way when left to themselves. If you can see that way, you are free to follow any path that leads there.

July 30, 2007
" Leaders are cultivated; it is like growing oranges in the desert!"
Written in 2007 by Christiane M. Arevalo
I thought of this quote when speaking with my sister about leadership. Are leaders born or made?

July 25, 2007
" Thinking is the capital; Enterprise is the way; Hard work is the solution."
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam --- Submitted by Ravichandran Bellie --- India
The authour Dr. Abdul Kalam, who rose to become the President of India, basically hailed from a poor family. He himself examplified for his quote and he is a towering example to show that if one's thinking is in the right way, nothing can stop him from achieving laurels in his life.

July 25, 2007
" Sometimes in life, we are smarter for questioning our answers than we are for answering our questions."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.S. --- Oregon

July 25, 2007
" It is better to look for what works before you focus on what's broken."
C.W. Metcalf

July 23, 2007
" A leader struggles daily to motivate, innovate and maximize performance."
Copyright © 2006 Ligia Kohnke

July 23, 2007
" Unless and until the situation comes, no one ever knows his or her real capability."
Written in 2006 by Veerendra Potla ---India
The Quote is my brainchild and from my experiences I have seen so far. The reason for selecting this one: I realized my capability only when the Situation & hardships came across. Before this, I used to be very naive & cynical.

July 23, 2007
" Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy."
Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf

July 18, 2007
" Search and you will find that at the base and birth of every great business organization was an enthusiast, a man consumed with earnestness of purpose, with confidence in his powers, with faith in the worthwhileness of his endeavors."
B.C. Forbes

July 18, 2007
" There is not a person we employ who does not, like ourselves, desire recognition, praise, gentleness, forbearance, patience."
Henry Ward Beecher

July 18, 2007
" If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

July 16, 2007
" Not everything I do bears results but those that do, are because I did."
Copyright © 2007 Joyal Mehta

July 16, 2007
" If you do something wrong, don't just wish it never happened. Take action. Do whatever you can to make things right, even if things don't turn out like you hope, no regrets. Live with the satisfaction that you did everything in your power to make it right."
Copyright © 2007Jessica Looper
I've been writing a book that I one day want to have published. It's kind of like a survival guide for teens and the above quote is one of the most important ones I've written so far.

July 16, 2007
" Leadership is not a right; it's a great responsibility."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Anupama Reddy --- India

July 11, 2007
" Success does not mean the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle."
Written in 2007 by Deepk S. Nagi --- India

July 11, 2007
" Sometimes in life we are smarter for questioning our answers than we are for answering our questions."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.S. --- Oregon

July 11, 2007
" Delegation is the passing on of actions, not the passing on of responsibility."
Eric Edmeades --- Submitted by Petra Chase --- South Africa
Said during a keynote address in London, England in January 2005

July 9, 2007
" The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
George Bernard Shaw --- Submitted by Mike Scullin --- New York
I think the world needs some percentage of unreasonable people, and I like to encourage them.

July 9, 2007
" Brighter tomorrows are made by today's decisions."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ragireddy Anupama --- A.P., India

July 9, 2007
" Productivity begins when you go beyond your feelings and discipline your mind and body."
Copyright © 2007 Gessy Nixon
I had to apply in my life to get work done.

July 2, 2007
" There's a difference between a humble leader and an insecure person. A humble leader says, 'I'm not worthy of this,' while an insecure person says, 'I can't do this.'"
Written in 2007 by R.C. --- Tennessee

July 2, 2007
" A man without decision can never be said to belong to himself. He is as of the sea or an air in the feather which every breeze blows here and there."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Swathi D. --- India

July 2, 2007
" Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results."
Copyright © 2007 Demond L. Jackson
This is the first 100 % original quote I came up with and I want to share it with others.


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