APRIL 1999

    April 30, 1999
    "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
    Mark Twain --- Sent in by --- Christine R., Age 14 --- South Carolina
    April 30, 1999
    "The world only lacks inspiration."
    Sarah B., Age 16 --- Texas
    April 30, 1999
    "People think that if you see something, it's a good reason to believe it.
    God thinks we should believe it, then see it. Have faith."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Ali, Age 14 --- Michigan
    April 30, 1999
    "Happiness is having something to look forward to."
    Alex M., Age 18 --- Florida
    April 30, 1999
    "An injury is much sooner forgiven than an insult."
    Chesterfield --- Sent in CY, Age 16 --- New York
    April 28, 1999
    "For every door God closes,
    He opens another one with bigger and brighter things."
    Michael Ann, Age 17 --- Alabama
    April 28, 1999
    "Live youth, don't avoid it."
    Keith B., Age 17 --- Michigan
    April 28, 1999
    "Live each day for what it is worth and savor every moment,
    For you will never be able to relive the past."
    Eliz M., Age 16 --- United Kingdom
    April 28, 1999
    "There are times when you will fall
    Times when everything comes crashing down
    Times that the pain is too much
    And times when you could give up on life

    But in these times we must pick ourselves up
    We must rise above the challenges we face
    We must know that there is love in this world
    And we must continue to go on, and on, and on."
    Heather C., Age 17 --- Massachusetts
    April 28, 1999
    "Let us always meet each other with a smile
    For the smile is the beginning of love."
    Mother Teresa --- Submitted by Lori A., Age 17 --- Texas
    April 26, 1999
    "Behind every success are a thousand failures.
    Behind every missed opportunity are a thousand successes."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Peter F., Age 16 --- South Africa
    April 26, 1999
    "Only as far as I reach can I grow
    Only as far as I see can I go.
    Only as far as I look can I see
    Only as much as I dream can I be."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Brie, Age 18 --- New Jersey
    April 26, 1999
    "Judge not the life of another
    Until you have lived one of your own."
    Andrea M., Age 16 --- Massachusetts
    April 26, 1999
    "How glorious it is - and also how painful - to be an exception."
    Alfred de Musset --- Sent in by KA, Age 16 --- Colorado
    April 26, 1999
    "An eye for an eye will only make a whole nation blind."
    Gandhi --- Submitted by Sara, Age 16 --- Minnesota
    April 26, 1999
    "Never get too caught up in the moment,
    For sure enough...
    There's another moment coming your way."
    Sarah, Age 13 --- Massachusetts
    April 23, 1999
    "You've always been there to help me through
    The times when I've been down.
    You've always been the smiling face,
    Never a tear or frown.

    You've showed me that even when times are dark
    Some sun can still shine through.
    You've told me to be proud and strong
    In every thing I do.

    If ever I need someone to talk to
    To spill my frustration and fears,
    It's nice to you know you'll always be there
    A shoulder to cry on for all my tears.

    Your words have given me hope
    In times when I've had none.
    Your eyes have a sparkle of faith
    As bright as the stars and sun.

    I want to thank you for all you've done
    But I can't find the words to say
    How much you've brightened up my life
    In each and every way.

    Your nothing short of an Angel,
    A godsend from above.
    I cherish everything about you.
    Your smile. Your friendship. Your love."
    Alexis M., Age 16 --- Maryland
    April 23, 1999
    "Never open your mouth
    Unless you can open it wide enough
    To fit both feet in."
    Laura R., Age16 --- Tipperary, Ireland
    April 23, 1999
    "Take all the chances life puts on your road
    So that in the future
    You won't regret what you don't do.
    Life is short and opportunities are rare
    So take a bite out of them."
    M.N., Age 16
    April 23, 1999
    "We are all alike... we have arms and legs.
    The difference is in the heart."
    Unknown --- Submitted by Andrew J. S., Age 17 --- Massachusetts
    April 23, 1999
    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way,
    And those who stay, will be champions."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Lauren, Age 17 --- Illinois
    April 21, 1999
    "I learned to live one day at a time.
    If things go bad, wait them out,
    And they are bound to get better."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley, Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    April 21, 1999
    "The best way to cheer yourself up
    Is to try to cheer somebody else up."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Fiona L., Age 18 --- NSW, Australia
    April 21, 1999
    "A good friend is like a book;
    Once you have started reading it,
    You don't want to put it down."
    Nicole T., Age 14 --- Ohio
    April 21, 1999
    "If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have
    That money can't buy."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Jaime B., Age 18 --- Alberta, Canada
    April 21, 1999
    "Don't waste your youth growing up."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Leah V., Age 14 --- Minnesota
    April 21, 1999
    "Of all the things my mother has ever given me,
    It is her love I treasure most."
    Amy, Age 15 --- California
    April 19, 1999
    "Close your eyes and you won't see any reasons holding you back."
    Emma Bielski --- Sent in by Jane V., Age 16 --- Michigan
    April 19, 1999
    "All things work for good for those who love God.
    Romans 8:28.
    Not some things but all things;
    So praise him even in your troubles."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Natalie P., Age 17 --- Texas
    April 19, 1999
    "We had nothing to hold on to but each other,
    We had nothing to hold on to but ourselves."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Victoria S., Age 17 --- New York
    April 19, 1999
    "Refuse To Lose"
    Art Smith (my wrestling coach)
    --- Sent in by Thomas C., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania

    April 19, 1999
    "When you feel alone
    And there's no one there
    To wipe away those tears
    Don't think no one cares in this world
    Because baby you're wrong
    I know life isn't fair
    But I'll be there every step of the way
    To help you get strong
    I'll be your hero
    I'll cry away your tears
    I'll hold you and tell you
    As long as I'm here
    There's no need to fear
    I'll always be your hero
    When times start to get rough
    When the good time turn to tough
    I'll always be your hero
    I know what you are feeling
    All your heart needs is some healing
    When those sunny days turn to clouds of gray
    I'll be the one
    To turn your life around
    I'll be the one
    To pick you up when you feel down
    I'll be your hero
    I'll cry away those tears
    I'll hold you and tell you
    As long as I am here
    There's no need to fear
    I'll always be your hero
    When times get rough
    Or when good times turn to tough
    I'll always be your hero
    So here I am
    Sitting here writing this song
    I hope you understand
    That in this world you truly belong
    Every person needs somebody
    To hold onto
    I'll be that someone
    For which you belong to
    I'll always be true
    No matter what you may do
    I'll be there as you start feeling blue
    And say those words only like lovers do..."
    Chris Z., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    April 16, 1999
    "She who stops getting better stops being good."
    Christy M., Age 14 --- Maryland
    April 16, 1999
    "If ever you are confused on the path to take,
    Close your eyes, look into your heart and listen carefully.
    It talks quietly but the advice is worth following.
    Believe in yourself and follow your heart."
    Sarah M., Age 16 --- Washington
    April 16, 1999
    "Thank You for Touching My Life

    Sometimes people, who come into your life, make changes in you,
    Because you always take a little part of them with you into the future.
    We are all made up of little bits and pieces of those whose lives touch ours.
    I won't ever forget you or what you meant to my life.
    Many times people are brought together for a reason.
    I believe we met so that we could grow to become
    A little more of the people we were meant to be.
    Thank you for helping me become who I am,
    For giving a part of yourself,
    And for letting me give something back to you.
    I wish you all the best in life and thank you so very much for touching mine."
    Rodger Austin --- Sent in by Sarah L., Age 14 --- Singapore
    April 16, 1999
    "In your heart lies a coded message.
    It's not finding the message that's the hard part.
    It's finding the power to decode it."
    Chris B., Age 16 --- New Jersey
    April 16, 1999
    "Life is like a puzzle;
    Once you figure which direction you're going,
    You've solved the puzzle."
    Nicole T., Age 14 --- Ohio
    April 16, 1999

    "I'm so scared.
    I can't hear anything, but myself breathing loudly.

    Questions cross my mind:
    Will I wake up?
    Will I die?

    I hear footsteps.
    Then I stop breathing altogether.
    Did I die?

    I feel myself all around,
    Praising the Lord I'm still alive.

    The footsteps stop right in front of me.
    Please go away, I say softly to myself.

    Then I awake and find myself relieved.
    It was just a dream..."
    Carrie A., Age 14 --- Washington
    April 14, 1999
    "When I stand before God at the end of my life,
    I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left,
    And could say I used everything you gave me."
    Erma Bombeck --- Sent in by Jocelyn H., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
    April 14, 1999
    "To have a friend, you first must be a friend."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jen U., Age 15 --- Kentucky
    April 14, 1999
    "Courage isn't just about finishing,
    It's about believing in yourself enough to begin."
    Navy Ad in "Futures" magazine
    --- Sent in by John B., Age 16 --- California

    April 14, 1999
    "The only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes."
    Benjamin Franklin --- Sent in by Amy L., Age 15 --- Texas
    April 14, 1999
    "Ford Prefect died laughing.
    As far as I'm concerned,
    He won the game of life."
    EDJM --- Sent in by John R., Age 19 --- North Carolina
    April 14, 1999
    "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful,
    For beauty is God's handwriting."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson --- Sent in by Ashley H., Age 17 --- California
    April 12, 1999
    "How lucky I am to have known someone
    It was so hard to say goodbye to."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Andrea, Age 16 --- Oklahoma
    April 12, 1999
    "True feelings are worth whatever it may cost."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Suzanne, Age 18 --- Illinois
    April 12, 1999
    "The challenges in life aren't intended to make you fall
    But to watch you fly like an eagle when you conquer them."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Nicole P., Age 15 --- Michigan
    April 12, 1999
    "Get away, don't run away."
    Sarah D., Age 13 --- Arizona
    April 12, 1999
    "There will always be rocks in the road ahead of you.
    They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones;
    It all depends on how you use them."
    Anne B., Age 17 --- Ohio
    April 9, 1999
    "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet
    When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by:
    --- Diana, Age 16 --- New Jersey
    --- Lauren H., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    --- K. D., Age 13 --- New York

    April 9, 1999
    The Essence of Compassion:
    "Resolve to be tender with the young,
    Compassionate with the aged,
    Sympathetic with the striving,
    And tolerant with the weak and wrong;
    Because sometime in your life you will have been all of these."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Stephanie L., Age 16 ---Minnesota
    April 9, 1999
    "Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit, has a limited imagination."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Kristyn, Age 18 --- Michigan
    April 9, 1999
    "I have always had friends, the kinds who were outgoing and loud.
    The kinds that go out and party on the weekends, and have fun.
    There has always been one though, who stood out from the rest,
    Who I was inclined to talk to, who I believed could keep my secrets,
    Who I could be myself around.

    And one day as we were walking, I looked down and realized
    That our shoes were identical, sturdy and solid,
    Not showy and flimsy like our other friends.

    And we realized that shoes are like souls,
    They really do show a lot about a person.
    To us they showed what made us different from the rest, what set us apart,
    And what made our friendship long lasting, and most of all...special."
    Laura, Age 17 --- Virginia
    April 9, 1999
    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
    Anonymous --- Sent in by Raziya B., Age 16 --- Zambia
    April 9, 1999
    "Always follow your heart, and don't give up your dreams."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Theresa K., Age 13 --- Wisconsin
    April 9, 1999
    "I wish you peace in the world in which you live
    And in the smallest corner of your heart in which truth is kept."
    Robert A Ward --- Sent in by Kat B., Age 14 --- Michigan
    April 9, 1999
    "There are no answers only the search.
    It is the question that drives us."
    Beverly S., Age 14 --- Texas
    April 9, 1999
    "The miracle is not that I finished,
    The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
    From Penguin Chronicles in Runners World
    --- Sent in by Mary M., Age 19 --- Georgia

    April 7, 1999
    "Push yourself and there's no telling,
    No limit, as to how far you will go."
    Jana H., Age 17 --- New Jersey
    April 7, 1999
    "We do not receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves,
    After a journey through the wilderness which no one else can make for us,
    Which no one else can spare us."
    Marcel Proust --- Submitted by Stacy E., Age 18 --- Connecticut
    April 7, 1999
    "Do what you want,
    Do what you will,
    Do what you have to,
    Do what you think you cannot."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cheney, Age 16 --- Connecticut
    April 7, 1999
    "I know exactly how to make a dream come true,
    You see I've done it before.
    All you have to do is open your eyes."
    Lauren F., Age 15 --- California
    April 7, 1999
    "A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand
    And touches your heart."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Carrie, Age 18 --- Maine
    April 7, 1999
    "Everything that happens, happens as it should.
    There are no accidents."
    Marcus Aurelius --- Sent in by Alicia W., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    April 7, 1999
    "Someone once wanted to draw a picture for the world to see.
    So he reached up to the dreams amongst the stars and drew us the galaxy."
    Nhi Kim N., Age 16 --- Texas
    April 5, 1999
    "Hear what the wind and stars have to tell you about who you truly are.
    Don't listen to the words of others.
    They only have opinions that should not be used
    To alter the opinion of one's self."
    Jennifer T., Age 16 --- Michigan
    April 5, 1999
    "Trust is like a chain, each link takes time to gain."
    Anonymous --- Sent in by Raziya B., Age 16 --- Zambia
    April 5, 1999
    "Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
    Life is beauty, admire it.
    Life is bliss, taste it.
    Life is a dream, realize it.
    Life is a challenge, meet it.
    Life is a duty, complete it.
    Life is a game, play it.
    Life is a promise, fulfill it.
    Life is sorrow, overcome it.
    Life is a song, sing it.
    Life is a struggle, accept it.
    Life is a tragedy, confront it.
    Life is an adventure, dare it.
    Life is luck, make it.
    Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
    Life is life, fight for it."
    Mother Teresa -- Sent in by Lauren, Age 17 --- Illinois
    April 5, 1999
    "Ilse, a childhood friend of mine, once found a raspberry in the camp and carried it in her pocket all day to present to me that night on a leaf. Imagine a world in which your entire possession is one raspberry and you give it to your friend."
    Found on one of the walls of the New England Holocaust Memorial
    --- Boston, Massachusetts
    --- Submitted by Andrew J. S., Age 17 --- Massachusetts

    April 5, 1999
    "I Believe in GOD
    because if there's no God
    There's the absence of LOVE
    I believe in love
    because if there's no love
    There's the absence of YOU
    I believe in you
    because if there's no you
    There's the absence of ME."
    Sent in by Mary Anne M., Age 17 --- Philippines
    April 5, 1999
    "Everyone has problems.
    It's a part of life.
    Overcoming these problems an moving on to greater heights
    Is what life is all about."
    Jill Maxbauer --- Sent in by Amanda G., Age 16 --- Ohio
    April 5, 1999
    "To any girl who has been hurt:

    I am like a hockey game that you lost.
    You may win many other hockey games or girls,
    But you will never win the one you lost again."
    Michelle K., Age 14
    April 2, 1999
    "If you think it will be easy, you won't succeed.
    If you need things to fall into place for you, you'll fail.
    If you're counting on luck or breaks or fortune, it won't happen.
    If you think you can get something for nothing, you're mistaken.
    No, it isn't easy. It isn't common.
    But the prize is right there on the shelf.
    The requirement is all of yourself.
    Are you willing, or are you content to just a dream?
    Do you want to simply long for something that could have,
    Should have, would have been, or are you willing to pay the price?"
    From the book "Singletary on Singletary"
    --- By Chicago Bears football player Mike Singletary
    --- Sent in by Stefan H., Age 17 --- Manitoba, Canada

    April 2, 1999
    "All it takes is all you've got."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Lindsey T., Age 15 --- Tennessee
    April 2, 1999
    "Love is not a choice and hate is not an option."
    Michael James B., Age 18 --- Wisconsin
    April 2, 1999
    "Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's the middles that count the most. You need to remember that when you find yourself at the beginning. You've just got to give hope a chance to float."
    From Hope Floats --- Sent in by Jessica G., Age 16 --- Ohio
    April 2, 1999
    "I tried to follow the "path less traveled" until I found out that life is all about creating your own path. To truly live you must be able to untangle yourself from bushes and cross streams that seem impassable."
    Smilemd, Age 16 --- Louisiana
    April 2, 1999
    "The thing that keeps your feet on the ground
    Is the responsibility placed on your shoulders."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Abby, Age 15 --- Indiana
    April 2, 1999
    "To revel in the wonders of life.
    To think, to remember - to dream.
    This is to know happiness."
    Giancano bi Gratsi --- Sent in by Storm P., Age 18 --- Brisbane, Australia

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