November 30, 1998

    "The good in you shouts
    The evil whispers,
    But you decide
    Your needs, your wants.

    Sacrifice is an important ingredient
    For a worthy life
    But you decide
    Yourself, your neighbor.

    Plan for success
    Or grumble about failure
    Your hard work decides
    Your destiny, your fate."
    Copyright© 1998 Ramya Santhanam
    November 30, 1998
    "Life is sometimes not fair to me
    To which I'd like to have the master key
    But with it you must keep flowin
    Not knowin just what you're doin
    Always trying to stay above the surface
    In life still looking for some purpose
    Searching for what seems to be eternity."
    Tom, Age 15 --- New York
    November 30, 1998
    "When God closes a door, He opens a window."
    Anonymous --- Sent in by Anne L., Age 17 --- Virginia
    November 30, 1998
    "The best thing a father can do for his children,
    Is love their mother."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Sonia C., Age 16 --- Ontario, Canada
    November 30, 1998
    "And in the end it's not the years in your life that counts...
    It's the life in your years."
    Abraham Lincoln --- Sent in by Ursula, Age 16 --- New York
    November 27, 1998
    "Believe in yourself and always stand tall
    Those who have doubts are those that will fall
    Enjoy what you do and remember to smile
    It's the hard work and effort that make it worthwhile
    Remain focused on what it is you wish to achieve
    Remember dedication, commitment and to always believe!"
    Kelly B., Age 18 --- N.S.W. Australia
    November 27, 1998
    "Smile, even if it is a sad smile,
    Because sadder than a sad smile
    Is the sadness of not knowing how to smile."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Kate F., Age 17 --- Portugal
    November 27, 1998
    "The clock is running. So make the most of today."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Melissa, Age 17 --- North Dakota
    November 27, 1998
    "You only find your limits once you've already exceeded them."
    Tim, Age 17 --- Massachusetts
    November 27, 1998
    "The best remedy for those who are lonely, afraid or unhappy
    Is to go outside.
    Somewhere where they can be quiet,
    Alone with the heavens, nature and God.
    Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be
    And that God wishes to see people happy,
    Amidst the simple beauty of nature.
    As long as this exists, and it certainly will,
    I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow,
    Whatever the circumstances may be.
    I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles."
    Anne Frank --- Submitted by QA --- Canada
    November 25, 1998
    "Adversity causes some men to break
    Others to break records."
    William A. Ward --- Submitted by Chris S., Age 16 --- California
    --- Submitted by Matt B., Age 17

    November 25, 1998
    "The hardest thing in life is to be an individual."
    Desirae D., Age 16 --- Texas
    November 25, 1998
    "I am not gonna give up.
    I can't give up....
    Not when I know the truth's out there."
    Dana, Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    November 25, 1998
    "If God gave you the talent to sing, then sing.
    If God gave you the talent to write, then write.
    Yet if you think God gave you no talent,
    Then think again."
    Chelsea W., Age 13 --- Texas
    November 25, 1998
    "It's easy to smile through the good times,
    But the real challenge is keeping that smile
    Through the bad times."
    Kristin J., Age 17 --- Ohio
    November 23, 1998

    "If you were told that you had but one day to live
    What do you think you would do?
    Would you go and do the things you've already done
    Or go back and try something new

    Would you stop and say "hi" to the old lady
    You pass by every day on the street?
    Or would you walk right by in a cold-hearted way
    And stare at the walk 'round you feet

    Would you tell everyone that you truly love
    How much you really care?
    Or would you claim all your life as your own
    And pretend their influence wasn't there

    If you were told you had but one day to live
    What do you think you would say?
    What if I told you that the time is now
    Go ahead, Carpe Diem, Seize the Day."
    Copyright© 1998 Heather Segraves.
    November 23, 1998
    "Why stop dreaming,
    When you don't stop sleeping?"
    Ha Ngoc D., Age 15 --- Kentucky
    November 23, 1998
    "Friends come and go,
    But the memory of them will last forever."
    Tanya R., Age 13 --- New Jersey
    November 23, 1998
    "If you love something
    Set it free
    If it comes back
    It was meant to be."
    --- Submitted by Mallory, Janet & Lydia --- Tennessee

    November 20, 1998
    "What's done cannot be stopped
    But it can be prevented next time. "
    By Dave Weinbaum
    --- Submitted by Anna H.
    --- Grade 12 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "Let us train minds to desire what the situation demands."
    Lucius Seneca
    --- Submitted by Sean E.
    --- Grade 12 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "Strive to do better than yesterday."
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by Tanya C.
    --- Grade 12 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "Believe in yourself, set a plan and aim high."
    Lou Holtz
    --- Submitted by Erin W.
    --- Grade 12 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "Excellence takes togetherness."
    Lou Holtz
    --- Submitted by Amanda T.
    --- Grade 12 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "There is no substitute for guts."
    Paul (Bear) Bryant --- Submitted by Trameika G.
    --- Grade 10 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "You can be anything you want,
    If you are willing to pay the price."
    Eddie Robinson
    --- Submitted by Crystal L.
    --- Grade 11 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 20, 1998
    "I believe that in all of us, there is something divine --
    Something which is always reaching for the ideal.
    It's the striving that's glorious."
    Dr. Alvin Saake
    --- Submitted by Laurie C.
    --- Grade 11 --- West Florence High --- South Carolina

    November 18, 1998
    "A good friend is not necessarily someone who is always there,
    But someone who is always there when it counts."
    Sent in by QA, Age 18 --- Canada
    November 18, 1998
    "If we deny love that is given to us,
    If we refuse to give love because we fear the pain of loss,
    Then our lives will be empty, our loss greater."
    Anonymous --- Contributed by Jason C., Age 17 --- Kentucky
    November 18, 1998
    "A women is like a tea bag,
    You never know how strong she is
    Until she is in hot water."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shannon D., Age 14
    November 18, 1998
    Definition of LOVE

    "Love is more than a just a feeling. It's a verb.
    It's something you do, not just a thing.
    When you love someone you feel it throughout your entire body.
    When you see someone do something,
    Even the littlest thing that reminds you of this person, you smile.
    You smile so much on the inside that it forces its way to the outside.
    Love causes the ultimate happiness. It is eternal.
    There is no pain in love.
    Love is the greatest gift given to anyone.
    When you have love, you don't cherish the love,
    You cherish the person.
    With love comes honesty, friendship, the greatest friendship known,
    And a respect higher than that you've ever felt before.
    If you love someone, you love them mind, body, and soul."
    Copyright © 1998 Brad Estridge
    November 18, 1998
    "A part of you has grown in me,
    Together forever we shall be,
    Never apart,
    Maybe in distance,
    But never in heart."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Anna K., Age 12 --- Washington
    November 16, 1998
    "Always put faith in yourself,
    Because when you believe in yourself
    You can always reach the Highest goal!!"
    Kirbi P., Age 15 --- South Carolina
    November 16, 1998
    "Expect troubles as an inevitable part of life
    And repeat to yourself, the most comforting words of all;
    This, too, shall pass."
    Ann Landers --- Contributed by Brandy B., Age 16 --- Tennessee
    November 16, 1998
    "The minute that you settle for second best
    You've settled for even less than you deserve."
    Anonymous --- Sent in by Bianca, Age 16 --- Canada
    November 16, 1998
    "Success is never lasting,
    And failure is never final."
    Unknown --- Contributed by Krissy G., Age 15 --- Ohio
    November 16, 1998
    "God gave man limited ability,
    But unlimited ambition and desire."
    Author Unknown --- Contributed by Lisa I., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    November 13, 1998
    "Every day, we fight the fight.
    Every day we play the game.
    Every day we expect good things,
    Every day we want to do our best.
    So what's the secret? Where's the answer?
    Well here it is. There isn't one.
    No matter how long you live.
    All you can do is improve upon the mistakes and reap the success.
    That's it. That's your job.
    So instead of searching for the magic waters, live for now.
    Wake up with that smile, that energy, that goal, and strive on.
    It might not happen or work today, so what.
    Guess what, it probably didn't for the next person either.
    So you take what you have, and try again.
    Because every day is another chance, another opportunity.
    There will always be a next time. Remember that.
    Can't is an excuse and giving up is not an option.
    So get out of your comfort zone and get something done.
    Nobody can make you do it but YOU!
    Not this quote, or anything else you read.
    It's you!
    So find that personal motivation.
    Make it happen.
    Because the magic potion is somewhere very few people look,
    Copyright © 1998 Curt Bachman
    November 13, 1998
    "Procrastination is the ability to keep up with yesterday."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Kate, Age 17 --- Rhode Island
    November 13, 1998
    "When a man is given a great deal,
    A great deal will be expected from him."
    From the book Winning Words of Champions by Larry Bielat
    --- Sent in by Curt B., Age 16 --- Ohio

    November 13, 1998
    "Let us not judge one another by look,
    But by the character of their heart and mind."
    Sara D., Age 17 --- Ohio
    November 11, 1998
    "Sometimes the road of life is hard, and sometimes it's easy.
    Wherever you go in life, your going to have choices.
    You have the choice of doing good or bad. Wrong or right.
    And wherever you go there are two types of faces;
    A smiling one and a frowning one.
    There are going to be two types of people;
    A nice one and a mean one.
    But on the road of life, you should do the good things,
    Bring a smile to the people who are frowning.
    You should make friends with the nice people,
    But find the good in the mean ones.
    You see, that's what our world is about.
    Giving. Caring. Sharing.
    So please, be this type of person on your road of life
    And spread the good news to everyone else!!!"
    Molly S., Age 12 --- Ohio
    November 11, 1998
    "The early bird gets the worm,
    But the second mouse gets the cheese."
    Author Unknown --- Contributed by Mike C., Age 16 --- Utah
    November 11, 1998
    "A Day Is Wasted, When One Does Not Smile."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Melanie, Age 18 --- Australia
    November 11, 1998
    "It is no sin to attempt and fail,
    The only sin is to not make the attempt."
    Author Unknown
    --- Sent in by Jen, Age 16 --- New Jersey
    --- Sent in by L. Miller, Age 14 ---Washington

    November 11, 1998
    "To be all you can be is to dream of being more."
    Ginny --- Contributed by Kristen, Age 16 --- Tennessee
    November 9, 1998
    "I will become a bonfire and dare the world to put me out."
    Laurence G. Boldt
    --- Contributed by Bethany J., Age 16 --- Nova Scotia, Canada

    November 9, 1998
    "Perhaps you cannot be a star; but you need not be a cloud."
    Author Unknown --- Contributed by Alexandra C., Age 16 --- Alaska
    November 9, 1998
    "Your only Limitation is your Imagination."
    Josh Sain --- Sent in by Brock C. O., Age 18 --- New Mexico
    November 9, 1998
    "Patience is the ability to let you light shine after you fuse has blown."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by QA --- Canada
    November 9, 1998
    "Those who tell me too much faith is a bad thing
    Are the ones who have too little."
    Sarah T., Age 16 --- Texas
    November 6, 1998
    started as an idea
    finished with love
    they make life worth living
    and bring light to the dark
    they make legends out of men
    and happiness out of despair
    it takes a moment of inspiration but
    you need courage to make it come true
    never start a day without a dream
    never let others tell you it's a fantasy
    let it bring meaning to your life
    and let it bring your life meaning to someone else."
    Copyright © 1998 David Gethings
    November 6, 1998
    "Humility hurts, but the freedom afterwards heals."
    DC, Age 19
    November 6, 1998
    "Once you accept your uniqueness and see it as something special,
    You can respect the differences in others.
    A deep love of self empowers you to excel
    And gives you the ability to focus on the needs of others."
    Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
    --- Contributed by Lauren V., Age 18 --- Indiana

    November 6, 1998
    "I could not live without books."
    Thomas Jefferson
    --- Sent in by Megan H., Age 13 --- Indiana

    November 6, 1998
    "Improve your performance by improving your attitude."
    H. Jackson Brown Jr.
    --- Sent in by Lacey G., Age 15 --- California

    November 4, 1998
    "Never be too good to pick up a penny."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Michelle F., Age 16 --- Louisiana
    November 4, 1998
    "You can't be born a hero, you have to work for it."
    Benny, Age 13 --- New York
    November 4, 1998
    "Lessons taught in fear are remembered,
    But lessons taught in love are cherished."
    Unknown -- Contributed by Jocelyn H., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
    November 4, 1998
    "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today. "
    Will Rogers --- Submitted by Jenn L., Age 16 --- Massachusetts
    November 4, 1998
    "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
    Only through the experience of trial and suffering
    Can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared,
    Ambition inspired, and success achieved."
    Helen Keller
    --- Submitted by Lauren D., Age 18 --- New Jersey

    November 2, 1998
    "There is no I in team, but there is an I in:
    Pain, suffering, sacrifice, determination,
    Pride, and the will to win."
    Michael C., Age 15 --- Louisiana
    November 2, 1998
    "Good times, become good memories
    Bad times, become good lessons.
    There's always something good that
    Comes out of every life experience.
    You can never lose, you can only gain from life."
    Melanie, Age 18 --- Australia
    November 2, 1998
    "For long you live, and high you fly
    And smiles you give and tears you cry
    And all you touch and all you see
    Is all your life will ever be."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Emily R., Age 15 --- Wisconsin
    November 2, 1998
    "If a bird wants to learn to fly,
    It must first learn to stand and walk,
    Because it cannot fly into flying."
    Unknown --- Sent in by Heather G., Age 14 --- Kentucky
    November 2, 1998
    "If you don't pick up the pieces each time you fall,
    Life moves on without you."
    Kelly M., Age 16 --- Ohio

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