JULY 2005

July 27, 2005
"A great fighter is not necessarily one who won the battle but one who never gave up, despite the wounds and struggles."
Copyright © 2005 James Briggs
July 27, 2005
"You can make the whole world smile if you just start off the chain. And if everyone in the world takes this advice, then it won't take very long."
Written in 2005 by Hannah M., Age 13 --- United Kingdom
This quote really could make the whole world smile and that event really would be worth the world.
July 27, 2005
"A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown in the friends he chooses."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Erin R., Age 13 --- Maryland
July 27, 2005
"Never hide what you're ashamed of, because in the end, the ashamed is you!"
Copyright © 2005 Brigitte Jones
This was the first thing I could think about when times are hard between my boyfriend and me. Once you lie, it's hard to correct it.
July 27, 2005
"It's not always about yourself or your friends, but acting yourself with your friends."
Written in 2005 by Brooks W., Age 15 --- Vermont

July 25, 2005
"Life never loses its spark; you just have to turn it up again when it dims."
Written in 2005 by Karlee V., Age 14 --- Philippines
It just means that in life, we are never left in the dark. Our flame has just gone down so we need to refuel it again.
July 25, 2005
"In your lifetime you will face many obstacles. You can either get by them and win or run away and never know what your capable of."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ricky B., Age 15 --- Massachusetts
July 25, 2005
"The easier it is to be good, the harder it is to be great."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by T.J., Age 17 --- Minnesota
July 25, 2005
"There is no dignity in quitting."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Robert H., Age 15 --- Wisconsin
The only way to get better at anything is to keep trying.
July 25, 2005
"I have only one option in life and that is Success. FAILURE is not an option."
Written in 2005 by M.C., Age 13 --- New Hampshire
July 20, 2005
"Dreams start with love, grow with pain and ambition, and come true with courage."
Copyright © 2005 Erin Smith
July 20, 2005
"Jewels are just rocks that worked hard enough to shine."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.C., Age 13 --- Florida
July 20, 2005
"If someone is being a total jerk to you, just be nice to them. It will bug them more then they are bugging you and it will show them that their immaturity hasn't and WON'T get to you."
Written in 2005 by Lisa P., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
This is what we do at cheerleading competitions when another team is full of themselves and puts us down. We just keep being nice to them and eventually they will back off, because they know that their sorry attitudes looks bad on them and it doesn't make them any better then they think. It works!
July 20, 2005
"Experiencing life to the full is like your first kiss...sweet and addictive."
Written in 2005 by Sophie D., Age 14 --- England, United Kingdom
This is such a good comparison...your first kiss is a major part of your teenage years...finally realizing what you want to do or be is one of the most rewarding experiences ever...believe in yourself and you will be addicted to living life!
July 20, 2005
"Step by step, pace by pace, a little patience always wins the race."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessy O., Age 14 --- Indiana
Good things come to those who wait so NEVER give up, regardless of how hard you fall.
July 18, 2005
"When you stand in the dark, keep going - and eventually you'll find a way out."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Beth R., Age 14 --- Maryland
July 18, 2005
"The task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sarah L., Age 17 --- Sask, Canada
This quote gives me so much hope. My mother got diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and the journey ahead looks long and hard. However, I know that God is behind me, watching me and ready to comfort me. His power is all I need. He is always there, no matter what. Friends may come and go but his power is always behind us.
July 18, 2005
"No matter where life takes you, just believe in yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brianna J., Age 14 --- Florida
I had to go through a lot of things to believe in this.
July 18, 2005
"The more you know, the more you know you don't know."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kenzie L., Age 18 --- Kedah, Malaysia
Sometimes, it's better not to know somethings because it hurts you more when you realized you didn't know about it before this.
July 18, 2005
"A smile will brighten everyone and anyone's day - it's the silent language of caring, happiness and kindness."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.C., Age 16 --- Ontario, Canada
July 13, 2005
"I never give up, I never stop trying and I never take no for an answer."
Doris Roberts --- Submitted by Ramona K., Age 17 --- New South Wales, Australia
This is a quote from Doris Roberts, who plays the irritating mother, Marie Barone on "Everybody Loves Raymond". Doris said this quote when she was on Oprah in order to inspire many people. She felt it necessary to share it with everyone who was watching Oprah that night because it was what had worked for her successful career! The cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was saying farewell on the Oprah show.
July 13, 2005
"Wanting to win is common to all, but working to win is the mark of a champion."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hailey H., Age 14 --- Washington
July 13, 2005
"I remember what it's like to play in the big game. I mean it wasn't for a National Championship or anything but it was important all the same. I remember what it's like to fight with everything you've got while the thought of failure lingers in the back of your mind. I remember what it's like when it's over... the happiness... or the sadness. Even though I could remember the victory, I never forgot the hard work that went into it. The passion... the tears... Everything! This was my everyday life."
Written in 2005 by Kali A., Age 15 --- New York
I wrote this after watching my home team battle for a national championship. It made me realize that every game is the big game and that although I may forget the game, I'll never forget what I put into it!
July 13, 2005
"True victory comes when we can overcome our own expectations."
Copyright © 2005 Josh Gibson
July 13, 2005
"It's not important what you do, what's important is you're happy doing what ever you do."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bec W., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia
My friend told me this when I did not know what to do in life. I was so sad I wanted to die. I don't know if he made it up or if it is a "real" quote but I guess it worked because I am still alive.
July 11, 2005
"My dad recently went to get tested for cancer... I'm not really sure how to handle it but my friends have been great through all of this. I just want everyone to remember that no matter who you are, there's someone out there who cares about you and they'll help you, I promise. I didn't think that they would but they truly did and still are!"
Written in 2005 by KD P., Age 15 --- South Carolina
July 11, 2005
"The shell must break before the bird can fly."
Tennyson --- Submitted by A.A., Age 15 --- North Carolina
July 11, 2005
"It's not how the world sees you, it's how you see yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by B.R., Age 19 --- NSW, Australian External Territories
People will always judge you without really understanding what you are going through. I realized that it doesn't matter as long as you know who you are and like who you are.
July 11, 2005
"It's not what you've got that's important; it's how you choose to use it!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kelsey O., Age 14 --- Victoria, Australia
When you think about it, we all complain about something....our weight, our hair colour or even our intelligence, but instead of complaining we should all just work with what we've got...if it's something you can't change, then what good would complaining do?
July 11, 2005
There's a place in my heart that is yours alone.
A piece of my life that no other can own.
The tears in my eyes I can wipe away.
But the memories of you will always stay.
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lauren P., Age 18 --- New Zealand
I was sent this message by a friend after a 17-year-old girl at my school was killed in a car crash. It really helped me to remember that even though Kirsty was gone, I will always remember her because she touched my life and the lives of all the people around her. It is always sad when someone so young and full of promise is taken from us, and we must remember how blest we have been that God gave us these people to be a part of our lives.
July 6, 2005
"I cried today not because I missed you, or even wanted you to come back, but because I finally realized I would be all right without you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.H., Age 13 --- South Carolina
After my parents separated I found this quote. My father had really treated me wrong and this quote hit home and it has stuck with me ever since.
July 6, 2005
"Laughter and sorrow are universal languages."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Katelyn R., Age 15 --- Massachusetts
Everyone can laugh and everyone can feel sorrow, so share those with everyone.
July 6, 2005
"Just run: If your competition falls behind don't let up, keep going. If you have already won the race but still have to finish, don't let up; shoot for a personal record."
Written in 2004 by P.P., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
I said this to one of my teammates, right before he ran the mile for track, and he came out on top.
July 6, 2005
"It seems, as we get older, we wrap ourselves in our own little world and forget those who helped to build us to a point where we could create that world we cherish so deeply. Take a deep breath and look back because they are still and will always be there!!!"
Copyright © 2005 Rachel Wills
This for all the teens who think that they are stuck and can't move in life. Your true friends will always be there… I found out the hard way.
July 6, 2005
"Every day is the first day, of the rest of your life. Don't dwell on your past nor judge others for theirs."
Copyright © 2005 Kate Adams

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