September 29, 2004
"Sometimes we spend so much time chasing something; it would make me happy if...; but sometimes we forget what we leave behind when we do this, and forget how much it means to us."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Stephanie S., Age 15 --- Texas
September 29, 2004
"The feeling of relief, after giving your best, can never be compared to the price of winning games."
Copyright 2004 Diana R. Tuminez
This is one of the lessons I've learned in my sport. I never regret losing as long as I know that I gave everything I had.
September 29, 2004
"One smile can change a day, one hug can change a week, one word can change a life...which word is it going to be?"
Written in 2004 by T. H., Age 13 --- Alberta, Canada
To me, this just means that one thing you say can change someone's life...maybe even save it. But one thing you say can also hurt someone in ways you can't imagine. So which way do you want them to go?

September 27, 2004
"A positive outlook determines a positive outcome."
Copyright 2004 Audrey Henderson
September 27, 2004
"If you try to be like someone else, you're losing everything that was ever special about yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.K., Age 13 --- Pennsylvania
September 27, 2004
"Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our condition."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.M., Age 14 --- Michigan
September 27, 2004
"When something goes wrong, do not idle about and look down on it. Instead, rise above it with a new found strength."
Copyright 2004 Sam Benson
September 22, 2004
"All I can say is that I am who I am; if you don't love me for it, then that's fine. But at this point in my lif, I'm not going to change for anyone."
Copyright 2004 Sarah Haas
September 22, 2004
" True friends are only true if they're there to help you up when you're down."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cassie K., Age 14 - Missouri
September 22, 2004
"Wounds won't heal, scars won't fade, for my love for you has turned a different shade."
Written in 2004 by T.T., Age 17 --- England, United Kingdom
I wrote this when a girl broke my heart after 6 months of lying to me and I found out our relationship was fake. Wounds won't heal and scars don't fade but after time, you can change the shade of love. When you believe you can ....you can. Don't let people destroy try and keep the shade of love glowing.
September 22, 2004
"The fire in your eyes can only burn as bright at the fire in your heart."
Copyright 2004 Katie Folz
September 20, 2004
"Words are one of the most powerful things a person can own, and without even thinking about what you say, they can change someone's life forever."
Copyright 2004 Jaimie Rosenberg
To me this quote is self-explanatory. Words have an impact on people's lives that is often underestimated. People take words for granted and just say the first thing that comes to their mind without even thinking about it. But what people neglect to understand is that you can't take back something once you've already said it.
September 20, 2004
"Your toughest competition in life is anyone willing to work harder than you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessie L., Age 15 --- Ohio
September 20, 2004
"God put our eyes in the front of our heads so we would always look into the future and not the past."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jake C., Age 15 --- Florida
A coach of the football team at my school told me that so I would stay motivated. And it worked!
September 20, 2004
"I cannot be defeated; the only thing that can defeat me is my mind."
Written in 2004 by A.B., Age 15 --- Illinois
September 15, 2004
"Many times we let our fears hold us back from are dreams and hopes in life. We let fear dominate are lives. ). Our fear about life brings us to the thoughts of suicide. But don't we only live once? Shouldn't we take what we earn and give what we can? If we only live once then why would we want to make it shorter than it has to be? But when we finally give into suicide isn't it because we have finally given up? But this old, old saying does actually mean something. Don't ever give up. No matter what happens you will still have what is most important, your heart and your soul."
Copyright 2004 Matt Bailey
September 15, 2004
"Cherish those moments you feel on top of the world, because they'll be there to raise you up when you're at rock bottom."
Written in 2004 by Stephanie S., Age 15 --- Texas
September 15, 2004
"One can easily find a friend anywhere, anytime and any place, but a true friend is found in a different way, which is from the heart."
Copyright 2004 Jennifer Amafibe
I wrote this quote because of my one and only friend for life, Recheal. I found her through the heart and she means all I want in a friend to me.
September 13, 2004
"It's not about dying for your country; it's about making your enemies die for theirs."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kj, Age 17 --- Indiana
This quote was said to me by my cousin, who is in the army, which changed my mind about joining the military. It hit heart about what's happening overseas and what those soldiers really are fighting for over there.
September 13, 2004
"Live the life you love....Love the life you live."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley M., Age 14 --- Michigan
I read this in school and thought it would be a real thought provoking quote. Everyone should live by these words.
September 13, 2004
"You don't have to follow the crowd. Walk your own path and if no one follows, be optimistic, knowing there is a shadow following at your rear."
Written in 2004 by Moe D., --- Submitted by Sammy F., Age 16 --- Ontario, Canada
One of my best friends told me this. My God, it is one of the truest most meaningful quotes of yet to come by.
September 13, 2004
"Motivation is what gets me started; perseverance is what keeps me going."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rebecca W. --- Singapore
September 8, 2004
"Don't dwell on the past; before you know it, the future will be gone with it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sam B., Age 13 --- Kansas
September 8, 2004
"Thinking too much about what other people think of you, ultimately changes what you think about yourself."
Written in 2004 by T.H., Age 13 --- Alberta, Canada
September 8, 2004
"Hold on to your very last breath, it makes the journey worthwhile, for when you're done, you can breathe much better."
Copyright 2004 Huong Nguyen
Sometimes life gets tough, and it feels like you're done for. You want to give up, yet sometimes your last moment to do something, your last hope surpasses you through, if and only if you stick to it.
September 8, 2004
"The silent with expression speak the loudest of all."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.R., Age 16 --- United Kingdom
September 4, 2004
"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."
Dolly Parton --- Submitted by Reyna C., Age 17 --- New Mexico
September 4, 2004
"Things may seem to be bad for you but think about this: there is always someone in worse shoes then you. At this very moment, it may be your neighbor, it may be your best friend... You just need to take life in stride. Look up when you have the chance. The only good thing may be the sky when all else feels like it is lost."
Written in 2004 by Lyns W., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
I thought of this when my boyfriend moved to Halifax last month and I got so depressed. Things start to look up if you believe they will and trust me everything is going great for me now and I thought it couldn't!
September 4, 2004
"Treasure your friends, for they are one of the few treasures left in the world."
Copyright 2003 Kyle Price
I have always been really close to my friends, and I wrote this as a senior quote for our yearbook (even though it wasn't put in there) to express to my friends how much they truly mean to me.