February 27, 2002
    " I always wanted to be a procrastinator, but I never got around to it."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brian B., Age 17 --- California
    February 27, 2002
    " Enjoy life today; yesterday is gone; tomorrow may never come."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by R.M., Age 16 --- Ohio
    February 27, 2002
    " But the fruit that can fall without shaking,
    Indeed is too mellow for me."
    Lady Mary Wortley Montagu --- Submitted by Ashwathy N., Age 18 --- Nagpur, India
    February 27, 2002
    In Memory of Madeline J. Roche

    " Act as a kid as long as you can because you won't be able to later on in life."
    Madeline J. Roche --- Submitted by C.S., Age 14 --- Ohio
    Madeline died last February of bacterial meningitis. She was only 14 years old and accomplished so much during her short life. I know that she truly lived the words in the quote that she wrote.
    February 27, 2002
    " Happiness comes through doors you never knew you left open."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.S., Age 15 --- Massachusetts
    February 27, 2002
    " Never underestimate the power of your actions. You can change a person's life, for better or for worse."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ayisha M., Age 13 --- New Jersey
    February 25, 2002
    " Think positively of yourself and other will think positively of you. But if you think negatively of yourself, others will also think negatively of you. So always think positively of yourself and others."
    Written in 2001 by Kimberly P., Age 13 --- Oklahoma
    February 25, 2002
    " There is no longer time for procrastination, but time for retrieving the fantasy that lingers amongst the forest of possibilities."
    Copyright © 2002 Marcello Michele Magnifico
    February 25, 2002
    " If you haven't started, then start; simple solution."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Stephen P., Age 16 --- Texas
    February 25, 2002
    " You know what? I've learned something. If you think your life sucks and nothing goes right, you should be happy that you are actually alive and healthy. Some people take that for granted. So next time you stress about a little problem like school or your so-called love life, don't worry about it; there are more important things."
    Written in 2002 by Heather S., Age 16 --- New York
    February 25, 2002
    " Do not live to be who other people want you to be; for then, you are not truly living."
    Written in 2002 by S.P., Age 16 --- North Carolina
    February 25, 2002
    " I get up, I fall down; meanwhile, I keep dancing."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Katie P., Age 18 --- Oregon
    February 22, 2002
    " Every practice we say 12 sayings that my former coach came up with."

  1. Respect yourself and others

  2. Take full responsibility

  3. Develop and demonstrate loyalty

  4. Learn to be a great communicator

  5. Discipline yourself so no one else has to

  6. Make hard work your passion

  7. Don't just work hard work smart

  8. Put the team before yourself

  9. Make winning an attitude

  10. Be a competitor

  11. Change is a must

  12. Handle success like you handle failure

S. Jaco --- Submitted by Brittany T., Age 15 --- Kentucky
February 22, 2002
" God made the world round so you could never see too far down the road."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jennifer B., Age 18 --- Texas
February 22, 2002
" Fighters/Winners never limp off when they got wounded in a battle.
They pick up their swords and move on."
Copyright © 2002 May Win Oo
February 22, 2002
" Life is a journey; take your dreams along!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.P., Age 19 --- Massachusetts
February 22, 2002
" Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall
But by those who fought, fell, and rose again."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by W.F., Age 14 --- Texas
February 22, 2002
" Have fun and don't let stupid things get in your way in your life."
My algebra teacher --- Submitted by Danielle W., Age 15 --- Tennessee
February 20, 2002
" Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself.
Imitation is suicide."
Marva Collins --- Submitted by Danielle D., Age 13 --- Kentucky
February 20, 2002
" Take a look at what you have, and what others need; then you will realize how foolish it is to ask for more."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kelsy C., Age 14 --- Ontario, Canada
February 20, 2002
" I've learned that you have to do things that you are able to do, instead of passing them up, then looking back and thinking, I could have done that."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Emily D., Age 14 --- Georgia
February 20, 2002
" Keep going no matter how hard it gets because it will pay off in the long run."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Catie T., Age 15 --- Michigan

February 20, 2002
" Stress is only fuel... Don't ever forget that!"
Copyright © 2001 Thomas Kemeny
February 18, 2002
" Always be there for a friend in need,
Even though he or she is going through a hard time."
Written in 2002 by Dani H., Age 17 --- Virginia
February 18, 2002
" Your whole world is your own royal stage.
So be that drama princess and achieve to be queen."
Copyright © 2002 Stacy Beaupre
February 18, 2002
" Be careful when you close your eyes; remember, time flies."
Copyright © 2002 J.X. Reyes
February 18, 2002
" Are you worried about pressure? I look at it this way:
Pressure is having to do something you are not totally prepared to do."
Harvey B. Mackay --- Submitted by Trent S., Age 17 --- NSW, Australia
February 18, 2002
" Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it only takes a smile to make a dark day bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Alison G. Age 18 --- Alberta, Canada
February 18, 2002
" In this world there are three ways...the right way, the wrong way, and my way."
Martin Scorsase --- Submitted by Gerardo E., Age 16 --- Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
February 15, 2002
" Take a chance with life. You may fail the first time, but keep getting to your feet and never ever give up."
Copyright © 2002 Ryan Marble
February 15, 2002
" Nobody asks to be a hero. Sometimes it just turns out that way."
Josh Hartnett - "Black Hawk Down" --- Submitted by Kara D., Age 16 --- Massachusetts
February 15, 2002
" True love has no boundaries; it only has depth."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.N., Age 16 --- New York
February 15, 2002
" Love is like wet cement; the longer you're in it the harder it is to get out, but you can never leave without leaving your footprints behind."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michelle S., Age 16 --- Ohio
February 15, 2002
" Winning isn't everything, but trying is."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Julie C., Age 18 --- Maryland
February 13, 2002
" It is better to jump and fall flat on your butt than not jump and spend the rest of your life wondering if you could have landed on your feet."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Becca H., Age 14 --- Ontario, Canada
February 13, 2002
Turn out the light
And maybe tonight,
While watching my dreams fall apart,
I'll discover a clue,
To make them come true,
Or at least find a right way to start.
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Warren H., Age 15 --- New Jersey
February 13, 2002

What's the most common teenage quest?
I'll try to answer this question with my best.

As a teen I try to be someone else, other than me
Trying to fit an image that's unrealistic, and just can't be.

How come it's so easy to tell our friends they're " so pretty?"
But yet when we look in the mirror we can't help but feel ugly and self pity.

I personally am sick of feeling this way
But then why do I keep comparing myself to others every single day?

And by the way, what's the real definition of " being popular?"
Is it being pretty or smart; I'm just not too sure.

It's crazy to think that we are always in constant competition.
Fighting for awards and attention with such ambition.

I guess we all have to think what it's like to be in those "other" shoes.
Be the nerd or the beauty queen and just forget all your blues.

You'll realize " Hey this person's life isn't that perfect either."
And maybe it will help you think the next time you go to tease her.

Being a teen isn't easy and you've got to take it slow.
Don't make assumptions or be mean just to "go with the flow."

Dare to be different, go right ahead!
Without people like you this world would be dreary and dead.

It's the unique ones that leave impressions on our hearts.
So don't be afraid to show off your talents or your smarts.

So I'd say the ultimate teenage quest is to find out who you really are.
It's a long hard road; you have to travel very far.

But don't race; this competition will always end in a tie.
When it's over we'll realize there is no difference between you and I.
Copyright © 2001Tracey Moriarty
February 13, 2002
" Tolerance is total acceptance of others uniqueness."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Katie P., Age 15 --- QLD, Australia
February 13, 2002
" If you can't win, make the person ahead of you break the record."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sarah M., Age 14 --- Minnesota
February 13, 2002
" People treat us the way we teach them to treat us."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Barbara T., Age 14 --- Slovenia
February 11, 2002
" I'm not weird, I'm just gifted."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kate G., Age 14 --- Birmingham, United Kingdom
February 11, 2002
" If you learn from your suffering, and really come to understand the lesson you were taught, you might be able to help someone else who's now in the phase you may have just completed. Maybe that's what it's all about after all."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Raymonde U., Age 15 --- Quezon City, Philippines
February 11, 2002
" It's all or nothing; give your everything."
Athena Cage --- Submitted by C.C., Age 14 --- British Columbia, Canada
February 11, 2002
" Tears get you sympathy.
Sweat gets you change."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kim M., Age 16 --- North Carolina
February 11, 2002
" Being in a bad mood is just a waste of time."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Matthew D., Age 18 --- Ohio
February 11, 2002
" Stars are what shine bright when everything else is dim."
Written in 2002 by Courtney B., Age 16 --- New York
February 8, 2002
" I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jennifer G., Age 19 --- California
February 8, 2002
"In life you meet an abundance of people. You spend a period of time with them whether it is brief or extended. You interact, you bond, and you share the same experience with them at the exact same time. Then, just like that, it's over. You part your separate ways and all you have left is the knowledge that you obtained and the memory of that experience."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by B.M., Age 19 --- Maryland
February 8, 2002
"If you're looking in the past, for something that could happened in the future, then you're looking in the dark."
Copyright © 2002 Andrew Rennhack
February 8, 2002
"Life is like a puddle. You can either jump over it and never know life's qualities, or you can jump in and get wet. But no-matter what you do, you shall always get dry."
Copyright © 2001 Cynara Day
February 8, 2002

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I know not where,
And the song from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow --- Submitted by Julie G., Age 15 --- Michigan
February 6, 2002
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
Winnie the Pooh --- Submitted by Leah H., Age 16 --- New Jersey
February 6, 2002
"Hope is like the moon when it goes behind a cloud. Even though you can't see it, you still know it's there."
Copyright © 2001 Bernadette Prue
February 6, 2002
"You don't have to like me, but respect me for the good I plan to do in this world."
Copyright © 2001 Krysta Nesbitt
February 6, 2002
"I think things happen for a reason. If you have a bad day and you don't think you can get through it, always remember that no matter how bad it may seem, there's a reason it happened. There is a plan for everyone on this earth, even if it means learning from our mistakes and passing it on so someone else doesn't go through it. It could mean we were strong enough to go on through the pain, when someone else might have been too weak to go through it, and from our past, we teach them to do what we didn't. And in that process, we become a better person and learn from our mistakes."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amy V., Age 16 --- Michigan
February 6, 2002
"You don't have to love in words, because even through silences, love is always heard."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tiffany C., Age 13 --- California
February 4, 2002
"Nothing's impossible!
So set your goals for impossible and do your best to prove this is true."
Copyright © 2001 Jonathan Pautler
February 4, 2002
"It's hard to run away when the demons ride with you; tell your fears where to get off!"
Written in 2001 by Emily R., Age 17 --- Utah
February 4, 2002
"No one worth possessing can be quite possessed."
Sara Teasdale --- Submitted by Lauren V., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
February 4, 2002
"Love is the only thing that can be divided without diminishing."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Eden F., Age 15 --- Manitoba, Canada
February 4, 2002
"You don't know everything; you will never know everything.
The closest you will ever get, though, is when you open yourself up to others."
Copyright © 2001 Kate Gleason
--- Dedicated to Dan Otremba, Jack Gallivan, and Daryl Thompson. R.I.P. - 10/25/01

February 1, 2002
"While trying to be "perfect" one tends to hide all of their imperfections in the belief that they are not "perfect", but it is that what makes one the person they are. By hiding them you are just an image of your beliefs of what one should be. Not everyone thinks alike and his or her definition of "perfect" may be different. So how does one really know what "perfect" is to the people they want to be "perfect" for? You may be already there just by being yourself....Think about that!!"
Copyright © 2002 Melissa Whalen
February 1, 2002
"Always listen to your heart and have faith; because when times get hard you have to remember who you are."
Copyright © 2002 Sharon Rose
February 1, 2002
"There is enough light for those who want to believe
And enough shadows to blind those who don't."
Blaise Pascal --- Submitted by Johanna H., Age 18 --- North Carolina
February 1, 2002
"Consequences are the lockjaws of life."
Copyright © 2002 Phillip O'Toole
February 1, 2002
"You can tell me anything because I am here for you, even if it causes a tear or two!"
Michele S. --- Submitted by Sarah M., Age 15 --- Louisiana

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