• December 29, 1999
    " The greater the island of knowledge,
    The longer the shoreline of wonder."
    Source Unknown --- Sent in by Terésa Meyer --- Perth, Western Australia
  • December 27, 1999
    " Every child is an artist.
    The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
    Pablo Picasso --- Concitta Cavin, 19 --- Illinois
  • December 22, 1999
    " The one real object of education is to have a man in the condition
    Of continually asking questions."
    Bishop Mandell Creighton --- Sent in by Jennifer Y., Age 19 --- Florida
  • December 20, 1999
    " Teaching is the royal road to learning."
    Jessamyn West --- Sent in by Nora Magnus --- Singapore
  • December 17, 1999
    " I got a fortune cookie that said, "To remember is to understand." I have never forgotten it. A good judge remembers what it was like to be a lawyer. A good editor remembers being a writer. A good parent remembers what it was like to be a child."
    Anna Quindlen --- Sent in by Robert McLain --- Texas
  • December 15, 1999
    " The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves Throughout their lives."
    Robert Maynard Hutchins --- Sent in by Jennifer Y., Age 19 --- Florida
  • December 13, 1999
    " I wanted to tell you about my teacher, Mr. Cuneo. He's one of those people that you can meet only for a short period of time, but that you can never forget. He was, as you already know, my 8th grade Social Studies teacher.

    On the first day of 8th grade, I was in a class with people that I didn't know well at all. Most of my friends were in other classes, and I didn't know any of the teachers that I had. I didn't really have anyone to talk to, and I was feeling kind of lonely.

    Anyway, when History class came along, I was very surprised. Mr. Cuneo's the kind of teacher who loves what he does, and truly enjoys teaching. He was one of the first people who was kind to me that day, and didn't judge me. I found out that he had referred to me as a "nice young lady", which surprised me, since I had barley said ten words to him, and that was the first time I had met him. I have never forgotten that day, or the kindness he showed to me.

    Over the next few months, the people in my class didn't get much more friendly towards me, and I considered changing classes. The only thing that stopped me was Mr. Cuneo. I couldn't see leaving his class, even for all the misery they put me through.

    Through the year, we got to know each other better, and I came to realize that I truly cared about him. I think that one of the most important things that students forget is that teachers are people, too. I began to think of him more as another human being, rather then some distant person who was there only because they had to be.

    By the end of the year, I knew it was going to be extremely hard for me to leave that school. It just had to happen that my best year in that school had to be my last. Then, I heard that he was possibly being transferred to the high school that I go to now. I thought, "What could possibly be better than this?" I'm just glad that I had that hope then, so it made it easier to leave on the last day of school.

    One of the last things I said to him was "Goodbye, I'll miss you". I also gave him a hug, which he returned. You know how there's different types of hugs? This was a "I'm really going to miss you!" type. And right before then, when he saw me walking towards him, he smiled, and had the strangest look in his eyes. I'm still not sure what it was.

    Over the summer, I got a postcard from him when he was in Paris. Other students of his got them too, so I wasn't the only one. When I got to school in September, I found out that he wasn't teaching at my school, he had moved to Livingston. I was heartbroken. I just couldn't believe it. I later found out that he was being paid more there, and that he hadn't known about the change until the summer, when it was too late to tell everyone.

    I have tried to accept that. But still, I'd like to see him again, just to talk for a while, and really say goodbye. One of the things that I miss most about him is his smile. When he smiles, his whole face lights up, and his eyes sparkle. I remember when, as I was walking into school every day, he always used to smile at me, and say hello, and that just brightened up my whole day, whatever might happen later on.

    He's just that type of person. He really listened when you had a problem, and was always just so cheerful and light-hearted. He also had a knack for making history come alive. His class was the bright spot in my day. I can't go a day without thinking about him, and wanting to thank him for all he's done in my life.

    He taught me how to believe in myself, even when others don't, and how to become a better person. If I could have one Christmas wish, it would be to see him again. "
    Veronica, Age 14 --- New Jersey
  • December 10, 1999
    " Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for
    And not get."
    W. L. Bryan --- Sent in by Terésa Meyer --- Perth, Western Australia
  • December 8, 1999
    " 2 teach is
    2 touch lives
    4 ever!"
    Laura B., Age 14, Ontario Canada
  • December 6, 1999
    " A truly great teacher is perpetually rocking the boat in the cause of furthering the waves of understanding that flood over the walls of defense and denial built up around young people's thirsty minds."
    Copyright © 1999 Daniel Mark Childs --- New York
  • December 3, 1999
    " The secret of education is respecting the pupil."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson --- Sent in by Jennifer Y., Age 19 --- Florida
  • December 3, 1999
    " Children are sponges.
    Other's actions are absorbed.
    Is the water clean?"
    David Ian Gussin
  • December 1, 1999
    You're Someone Special

    Someone special is someone who thinks of those in need,
    and brings a bit of sunshine
    with every caring word and deed.

    Someone special is someone whose sharing
    makes them part of all the treasured memories
    that are precious to the heart.

    Someone special is someone who spreads happiness wherever they go,
    a special blessing to the world,
    and a special joy to know.
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Veronica, Age 14 --- New Jersey
    --- Dedicated to my 8th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Cuneo

  • November 29, 1999
    " To teach is to learn again."
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • November 29, 1999
    " The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards."
    Anatole France
  • November 24, 1999
    " Teachers have power.
    We may cripple them by petty economics,
    By Government regulations, by the foolish criticism of an uniformed press;
    But their power exists for good or evil."
    Winfred Holtby --- Sent in by Nora Magnus --- Singapore
  • November 22, 1999
    Teacher's Serenity Prayer

    God grant me wisdom, creativity, and love.

    With wisdom,
    I may look to the future and see the effect
    that my teaching will have on these children,
    and thus adapt my methods
    to fit the needs of each one.

    With creativity,
    I can prepare new and interesting projects
    that can challenge my students
    and expand their minds
    to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams.

    With love,
    I can praise my students for jobs well done
    and encourage them to get up
    and go on when they fail,
    Lord reveal yourself through me.

    Author Unknown --- Sent in Anonymously
  • November 19, 1999
    " Teaching is a great gift. Where else on earth do you get to be a star 180 days a year? If you are the type of teacher that you wish you had experienced when you were in school, you are a great teacher. I hated math and science in school. When I went to college I learned that it wasn't math and science I hated, it was the way it was taught to me. Now I teach math and science in school. Children beg to be moved into my classes. I get to perform, laugh and cry with 100 students a day. I play an important role in their life. One that I hope they will never forget."
    Copyright © Kellee Sturges --- Florida
  • November 17, 1999
    " Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition."
    Jacques Barzun --- Sent in by Nora Magnus --- Singapore
  • November 12, 1999
    " Teachers who require respect receive little,
    But those who show respect gain a great deal."
    Kathryn T., Age 17 --- Washington
  • November 10, 1999
    " The test and the use of man's education
    Is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind."
    Jacques Barzun --- Sent in by Jeremy Walker --- Michigan
  • November 8, 1999
    " Teach, encourage, inspire, respect and be good to all children.
    They hold your future in their hands!"
    Sherrylyn Walter --- Michigan
  • November 5, 1999
    " A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action,
    For one single good poem, accomplishes more
    Than he who fills our memory with rows on rows of natural objects
    Classified with name and form."
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe --- Sent in by Claire Elam
  • November 3, 1999
    " Students do not need to be labeled or measured by more than they are.
    They don't need more Federal funds, grants and gimmicks.
    What they need from us is common sense, dedication and
    Bright, energetic teachers who believe that all children are achievers
    And who take personally the failure of any one child."
    Marva Collins --- Sent in by Nora Magnus --- Singapore
  • November 1, 1999

    The teacher looked ahead with misgivings but with hope.
    Would the way be smooth or rough?
    Would it end in success or failure?
    The teacher stood and looked and wondered
    And a voice said, answering: "There will be no end."
    And the teacher smiled and said,
    "I know it will end. I may teach one year, two years,
    Or possibly many more years
    But this I know:
    Someday it will end."
    And the teacher went forward to teach.

    Those who gathered around the teacher had need to learn.
    And the teacher looked into their eyes and desired to fill their needs
    And taught them with mind and heart and voice --
    A mind filled with knowledge from continued study,
    A voice speaking this knowledge in wisdom,
    And a heart filling the mind and voice with conviction and power.
    The Teacher learned from mistakes made
    And received happiness from lessons taught with inspiration.
    Then life changed, and the teacher could not teach.

    "It has ended," said the teacher, continuing on the road of life.
    "This is really the end of my teaching."
    And the teacher believed this until a person of good position stood and said
    "I am here because this teacher taught me thus."
    And the teacher was happy and said,
    "It was not the end back there -- This is the end
    And it could not have ended better.
    I am glad I taught in love and faith and prayer."

    Time passed; and the teacher grew old and slept and awakened
    And stood before the Maker.
    And the teacher looked and was surprised,
    For there stood also those who had been taught.
    And He, before whom they stood, questioned them
    And then sent them to a high place.

    The teacher said, "It was not the end back there --
    This is the end.
    And it is a more glorious end than I ever could have hoped for."
    And joy filled the teacher's heart, as a great celestial light.
    And the teacher looked ahead of those who had been taught
    And saw the continued steps of progress and work before each one
    And then said: "This is not the end -- there is no end.
    I have just realized, there is no end to my teachings!"

    And a voice spoke:
    "When first you were called to teach,
    I tried to warn you of your great responsibility.
    But you can be thankful you taught well,
    In humility, in faith, in testimony --
    For there is no end to your teachings."
    Copyright © Goldie B. Despain --- Sent in by Liz --- Singapore