There is always something to do,
Some place to be,
Something to see,
Someone to be.
A mountain to climb,
A path to take,
A journey to make.

The future always holds a promise.
A goal, a dream,
Something that gives us hope,
Something that helps us cope.
The moon and stars eternally wait.
And of course,
There is always heavens gate.

But if you live your life waiting
For something to come around,
You will miss the special moments
And the people that surround.
Heaven will always wait.
So "in the meantime,"
Keep your focus in the present state.

Enjoy the struggle,
Share with others,
And realize that we are all brothers.
Open your eyes,
Clear your mind,
Be no longer blind.

Soon you will learn to love the daily grind.
Life is short; enjoy all of your hours.
Along the path, "take time to smell the flowers."
Judgment day will surely come,
"In the meantime," march to your own drum.

We will all be together again,
Sometime, someplace, somehow.
Until that day, live your life in the now.

So, when times are tough
And the road ahead seems rough,
Remind yourself to relish the climb
Because life is lived "in the meantime!

Copyright © 2001 Cameron M. Scott