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JANUARY 2002 - MARCH 2002

March 27, 2002
" For every one person that says that you can do it, there will be nine hundred ninety nine people that say that you can't. Don't be discouraged by the others, but be inspired by that one."
--- Copyright © 2001 Saif Alam

March 27, 2002
" Dreams are the roadways to reality."
--- Copyright © 1995 Laura Cichon

March 25, 2002
" Follow the ways of the rose that sprouted from concrete. Spread your petals; show the world you are not a failure, but someone who can succeed in the worst of conditions."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.D. --- California

March 25, 2002
" When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound. Rebuild those plans and set sail once more toward your coveted goal."
--- Napoleon Hill --- Submitted by Fareed Mohammed --- Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago

March 22, 2002
" Start working on whatever you hesitate
Because there is an ending to every beginning.
When you make it to the end,
You will realize the hesitation was a waste of time."
--- Copyright © 2002 David Wong

March 22, 2002
" You and your dream have on thing in common; you have the same destination and vision in life. You both also have one difference, it is you that will be the one to sweat, work and fight to get there, not your dream. Dreams don't happen, we as individuals make them happen. Your dream is counting on you so don't let her down but more importantly don't let yourself down. You only live one life and have only one dream. It would be an injustice not to conquer both, so go out and do it."
--- Copyright © 2002 Thompson W. Harrell III --- Submitted by Matthew Booth --- Florida

March 20, 2002
" Without perseverance and courage, how would a child learn to walk?"
--- Copyright © 2002 Mary Nichols

March 20, 2002
You can take a look in the mirror and say, "I am good".
But take a look at your life and ask yourself,
"What would I sacrifice to be great?"
--- Copyright © 2002 Kelly Moletress

March 18, 2002
" If you want to see what people, who have the ability to succeed, look like:
Please stand in front of a mirror!"
--- Copyright © 2002 Ray Gellein

March 18, 2002
" Your conscience is your boss!"
--- Copyright © 2002 Mansoor Baig

March 15, 2002
" To know how to win takes talent.
To know how to lose takes heart."
--- Copyright © 2002 Art Veloz

March 15, 2002
" He who dare wins, my son!"
--- Author Unknown ---Submitted by Alec MacDonald --- Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

March 13, 2002
" Saying something helps you believe in it.
Doing something helps others believe in you."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nicholas Debernardi --- Michigan

March 13, 2002
" The largest room in the world is the room for improvement."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kafui Klutse --- Greece

March 11, 2002
" Limitation is a creation of the mind."
--- Ky Hurst --- Submitted by Dylan B. --- Victoria, Australia

March 11, 2002
" Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the ache in your lungs and the burning in your legs, and the little voice inside you the yells, "can't!" But you don't listen; you just push harder and then you hear the voice whisper "can" and you realize the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amy H. --- Washington

March 8, 2002
" The man who can drive himself further, even when the effort gets painful, is the man who will win."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amber W. --- Ontario, Canada

March 8, 2002
" If you haven't given it your all, how can you give it up?"
--- Copyright © 2002 Jason Hardesty

March 6, 2002
" If I can't find a way through life, then I'll simply just have to make one myself."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cassandra P. --- Oklahoma

March 6, 2002
" Big things only happen to those who don't hold out!"
--- Copyright © 2001 Mike Spisak

March 4, 2002
" Forget past mistakes. Forget failures.
Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it."
--- William Durant --- Submitted by Fareed Mohammed --- Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago

March 4, 2002
" I shouldn't toot my own horn, but he who doth not toot his own horn alloweth it to remain untooteth."
--- Alben Barkley --- Submitted by James Banzer --- Kentucky

March 1, 2002
" Some trees grow very tall and straight and large in the forest close to each other,
But some must stand by themselves or they won't grow at all."
--- Oliver Wendell Holmes --- Submitted by Cecilia Hiponia --- Maryland

March 1, 2002
" A smile and a laugh are the duct tape of life; they can fix anything."
--- Copyright © 1996 M. Wallace

February 27, 2002
" Champions train, losers complain."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Melissa B. --- Michigan

February 27, 2002
" Your mind is your biggest weakness. If you think you can't do it, you won't even be able to come close, but when you tell yourself you can, you will be very happy with the end result."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by P.Z. --- Tennessee

February 25, 2002
" I am the force. I can clear any obstacle before me, or I can get lost in the maze.
My choice, my responsibility, win or lose; only I hold the key to my destiny."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kristy M. --- Ontario, Canada

February 22, 2002
" I won't give up because I am the Goddess of victory."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by H. Mene --- South Africa

February 22, 2002
" Set your priorities in your life; adjust the parameters, as per them,
And you won't find a day of unhappiness."
--- Written in 2001 by V.K.K. --- Maharashtra, India

February 20, 2002
" Have the heart to win and the will to try.
Then do it."
--- Copyright © 2002 Jacqui Reinhart

February 20, 2002
" It's not how good you are,
It's how bad you want it!!!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Melissa B. --- Michigan

February 18, 2002
" A stone thrown up, with a right intent, could make a hole in the sky."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Gadepalli Ratan --- Hyderabad, India

February 18, 2002
" Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties, passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes, and seeing them gratified. He that labors in any great or laudable undertaking has his fatigues first supported by hope, and afterwards rewarded by joy. To strive with difficulties, and to conquer them, is the highest human felicity."
--- Samuel Johnson --- Submitted by Ashwathy Nair --- Nagpur, India

February 15, 2002
" Arrive expecting to push yourself to the limit;
Leave with no regrets."
--- Copyright © 2002 Marisa Moldovan

February 15, 2002
" Success through the eyes of one once defeated, is true VICTORY."
--- Copyright © 2002 J. Cramer

February 13, 2002
" To know what it feels like to be a winner, you have had to lose at least once."
--- Copyright © 2002 Kat Wood

February 13, 2002
" Everyone faces disappointments at one time or another-but the winners are the ones who refuse to let disappointments become discouragements."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by W.F. --- Texas

February 11, 2002
" Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. It scorns to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious. It thirsts and burns for distinction."
--- Abraham Lincoln --- Submitted by Steven Kwart --- Michigan

February 8, 2002
" Champions, in any field, make a habit of doing what others find boring or uncomfortable."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Elyse B. --- Victoria, Australia

February 8, 2002
" You must show no mercy
Nor have any belief, whatsoever,
In how others judge you;
For your greatness will silence them all."
--- The Warrior --- Submitted by W. Rees --- Wales, United Kingdom

February 6, 2002
" Courage is like a muscle; the more it is used, the bigger it gets."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Morgan N. --- Washington

February 6, 2002
" May every dream you dream be as fulfilling as the breath you breathe."
--- Copyright © 2002 Phelix Vaughn

February 4, 2002
" All that's not given is lost."
--- Dominique Lapierre --- Submitted by Sachin Stalin --- Goa, India

February 4, 2002
" A goal is dream with a deadline."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Manoj Roy --- India

February 1, 2002
" Success doesn't happen over night, it happens over nights."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsey M. --- Missouri

February 1, 2002
" Never give up on anybody."
--- Hubert H. Humphrey --- Submitted by Megan T. --- Texas

January 30, 2002
" Sometimes you have to have your head in the stars,
In order to see where you are going."
--- Copyright © 2001 Mike Matamoros

January 30, 2002
" The biggest thrills you can get out of life, are the chances you take from day to day."
--- Written in 2002 by Jake O. --- Colorado

January 28, 2002
" Make no small plans. They hold no magic to stir the hearts of men."
--- Boris Roubakine --- Submitted by J.M. --- Texas

January 28, 2002
" There is absolutely no possible way that I will ever lose a fight because I have perfected my most powerful weapon: MY HEART."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dayten Taylor --- Hawaii

January 25, 2002
" Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true."
--- T.E. Lawrence --- Submitted by Amanda A. --- Michigan

January 25, 2002
" I never lost a game; time just ran out on me."
--- Michael Jordan --- Submitted by S.H.

January 23, 2002
" For all those girls out there who have a dream, it'll come true.
You just have to want it bad enough."
--- Ivette Sosa (Eden's Crush) --- Submitted by Vanessa R. --- New Jersey

January 23, 2002
" If problems bring challenges, I'd rather scrutinize it till it dies than brood over it.
I'll find my way around it."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lewis T.O. ---Accra, Ghana

January 21, 2002
" It's my dream; I can dream it any way I want."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.P.O. --- Washington

January 21, 2002
" Go AGAINST me and I will win.
Go WITH me and WE will win."
--- Bruno Silva --- Submitted by Rico Santos --- Hawaii

January 18, 2002
" Not all who wander are lost."
--- J.R.R. Tolkien --- Submitted by Maria Pez --- Pennsylvania

January 18, 2002
" Be true to yourself."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.L. --- New York

January 16, 2002
" The courage it takes to stay tight in the bud
Is more painful then the courage it takes to blossom."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Marjorie C. --- New Brunswick, Canada

January 16, 2002
" Grandfather say...
It not rain everyday."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Will H. --- California

January 14, 2002
" Heights of success can never be reached without flights of fancy."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Salil Deshpande --- Mumbai, India

January 14, 2002
" I became a true champion because of the things I did that other competitors did, but did better. I became a true champion because I also did what other competitors DIDN'T do."
--- D. Powers --- Submitted by Rico Santos --- Hawaii

January 11, 2002
" No one can motivate you, until you motivate yourself."
--- Neeru --- Submitted by Niranjan Kumar Sunkari --- Cheepurupalli, India

January 11, 2002
" Believing in yourself is the start of all dreams. Nothing has ever been so great as the seed of belief and nothing has ever been accomplished without believing. Belief conquers doubt."
--- Copyright 2001 Brenda D. Burke

January 9, 2002
" The man who goes alone can start today;
But he who travels with another must wait until the other is ready."
--- Henry David Thoreau --- Submitted by Leigh Dye --- Gauteng, South Africa

January 9, 2002
" There is no eye like knowledge,
There is no mission like truth,
There is no suffering like desire,
There is no happiness like sacrifice."
--- Buddha --- Submitted by B. Mishra --- England, United Kingdom

January 7, 2002
" It starts at a time called birth and continues until a time called death. It is called LIFE. It comes with no guarantees; of 60 years or 60 thousand miles, whichever comes first. And somehow they've even left the instructions out. Yes, all we get is life itself. And now it is up to us to do the living. Life comes in the form of opportunities, which are easy to recognize-once they have been wasted."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dr. Lewis Turchi --- California

January 7, 2002
" The power is within you to change for good that part of the world over which you have some influence."
--- Copyright © 2001 Dave Olpin

January 4, 2002
" Life is not about winning or losing.
It's about Win-Win."
--- Copyright © 2001 David Seow

January 4, 2002
" It matters not so much what happens in one's life as much as what one does about it. For the latter dictates what one's life will be."
--- Written by J.L. --- Texas

January 2, 2002
" Life is the most precious and forgiving asset we have. No matter how many mistakes we make, if we have the will and determination, it will always give us a second chance, third chance, fourth chance... "
--- Copyright © 2001 Takela R. Pappillion

January 2, 2002
" The me I see
Is the me I'll be and love."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ellen F. --- Connecticut