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November 28, 2012  personal-growth quotes
" Saying without thinking, thinking without saying, both can be equally harmful."
Written in 2012 by Luis Sanchez
Personal Inspiration and experience.

November 28, 2012  life quotes
" It's a long journey between "human being" & "being a human." A little consideration & a little thought for others makes all the difference. Live & let live."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Srinivas Kharidi

November 28, 2012  motivational life quotes
" The man who watches his steps and leaves notes behind, for those on the path behind him, is a man who cares about progress."
Written in 2012 by Chrisne Garnier

November 26, 2012  self-growth quotes
" Freedom of expression is actually a way for people to know themselves better, and to understand themselves better because without it, you become a stranger to yourself."
Lucien Bourjeily --- Submitted by Rabih Khoury

November 26, 2012  motivational life quotes
" One day I asked myself what is love? And the answer was: Love isn't something you can describe; it's something you feel."
Written in 2012 by Abdulrahman Hazem

November 26, 2012  personal growth quotes
" Character, the most important virtue of any human, cannot be developed easily. The only way to develop it is by practicing what you preach. Your actions will be remembered after you and followed by generations to come."
Written in 2012 by Wispmac Shah

November 14, 2012  self-growth quotes
" Many of us wear a MASK over a MASK to disguise who we really are, and it's no problem. But when you seek to unmask others while you are still masked, it can be potential problem."
Written in 2012 by Dr. Maloney Hunter-Lowe

November 14, 2012  personal success quotes
" Many thoughts cross every mind but what remains in determines one's character and destiny."
Written in 2012 by James Njeru
I have realized that the thoughts we allow to remain in us affect us.

November 14, 2012  life quotes
" If you are going to live a risk free life, you are going to die without having lived!"
Written in 2012 by Shuping Mokgothu
Our likelihood to only do what we can predict takes away the mystery that our future holds.

November 12, 2012
" Bracelets are no ornament to a man, nor strings of pearls clear as the moon; nor yet bathing, nor perfumes, nor flowers, nor decorated hair. Perfect eloquence alone adorns a man. Adornments may perish, but the ornament of eloquence abides forever."
Bhartrihari --- Submitted by Jagdish Kaviraj

November 12, 2012
" Learn to remain silent until you find the appropriate words to express yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sonia Sodhi

November 12, 2012
" Being human means to feel the grief in others sadness, to feel the bliss in others happiness and to be truth to our inner self."
Written in 2012 by Kanakshi Gulati
I have written this as now a days we are becoming 'just human' but not 'being human' as some don't care about others feelings.

November 7, 2012
" The biggest challenge in life is the ability to control oneself to always do the right thing physically and mentally."
Written in 2012 by Jay Xiong

November 7, 2012
" Your strategy should not be a tragedy."
Written in 2012 by Srinivas Vissapragada

November 7, 2012
" Sometimes when someone makes a mistake, people are all set to judge and condemn. Everyone is quick enough to criticize and hurl nasty judgments. It is one flaw that defies reason and good sense on how we must treat our fellow human beings."
Written in 2012 by Rodyssa Estabillo
I wrote this quote to send a piece of realization.

November 5, 2012
" Getting over those unexpected hurdles may not be exactly enjoyable, but ultimately I believe that such challenges and the solutions we find give us more confidence. They teach us with common sense and determination we can turn what looks like a disaster into a triumph."
Martha Stewart --- Submitted by Lauren Covington

November 5, 2012
" The creative person is willing to live with ambiguity. He doesn't need problems solved immediately and can afford to wait for the right ideas."
Written in 2010 by Kwabena Opare Amoah

November 5, 2012
" The value of education is lost if you are unable to share it. Just as a candle doesn't lose its brightness when another candle is lit from it. So too, education isn't lost when you share it, just helps to illuminate more lives."
Written in 2012 by Roshni Govender

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