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JULY 2007


July 30, 2007
" The head must think through the heart and the heart must feel through the head. When we can work out that integration, life approaches perfection."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Niranjan Kumar --- England

July 30, 2007
" Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes."
Written in 2007 by Sanjay Bharati --- India

July 30, 2007
" Don't put up with the things you can change - change them."
Author Unknown ---Submitted by Amy

July 25, 2007
" More often than not, the things we fear most never come to pass."
Written in 2007 by Mavis Kumi --- Ghana

July 25, 2007
" If you try, you risk Failure. If you don't, you Ensure it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sameer Tamhaney --- India

July 25, 2007
" Don't let failing embarrass you, use it as motivation to get back up and prove yourself."
Written in 2007 by Shawn Keddy

July 23, 2007
" Sometimes you need to go far away, not to escape but to find what's really within yourself. When you're ready, go back and face the reality. You will feel great, for you are a whole person already."
Written in 2007 by Vane DeLeon --- Philippines
Based on experience

July 23, 2007
" Heartaches are like old wounds. The more you cover things up, the more they will fester. In love, if you'll just set things free and let sentiments overflow, emotional anguish will eventually heal."
Written in 2007 by Ana Carliza Fontanilla --- Philippines

July 23, 2007
" The moment we find the true reason for some feeling that has an irrationally powerful hold over us, whether it has to do with body image or anything else, the spell is broken."
Gloria Steinem

July 18, 2007
" If you don't find a way to express your anger, in a direct, constructive way, it will leak out as indirect, covert hostility, or it will eventually burst forth as explosive rage or violence. It might well attract you to angry people, with the unconscious intention of triggering your own anger."
Shakti Gawain

July 18, 2007
" As life goes on we discover that certain thoughts sustain us in defeat, or give us victory, whether over ourselves or others, and it is these thoughts, tested by passion, which we call convictions."
William Butler Yeats

July 18, 2007
" Unless we learn the lesson of self-appreciation and practice it, we shall spend our lives imitating other people and deprecating ourselves."
Aida Walker

July 16, 2007
" Love is the biggest eraser I know."
Louise L. Hay --- Submitted by Julie Feliciano --- Philippines
From her book: The Power is Within You - an advocate of forgiveness and agape. The lady's books emphasize that which I've read in another website:-) "It is not enough that we forgive one another, we must also LEARN TO FORGIVE OURSELVES..."

July 16, 2007
" Problems don't mean you are a bad person; they mean you are a person."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by April-Dawn B. --- Tennessee

July 16, 2007
" People handle their fear of change in different ways, but the fear is inescapable if we are in fact to change."
M. Scott Peck

July 11, 2007
" A marriage without dialogue is a relationship buried alive. Dialogues between partners are like regular health check-ups for living a happy married life. They confirm trust, discover new emotions and feelings and prescribe ways for the partners to accommodate these new emotions to have a safe ride."
Copyright © 2007 Shukla Datta --- United Arab Emirates
I think it's quite important.

July 11, 2007
" I believe that we all begin our lives as an incomplete puzzle, all different shapes and sizes but when complete, we present an amazing portrait. Yet when you receive a puzzle there is only one way to build it and ultimately one outcome. I believe we choose the puzzle we become, one step at a time. The beauty of our picture depends on the life we choose to live and the quality of the choices we make."
Copyright © 2007 Allen Steble --- Australia

July 11, 2007
" When people show you who they are, believe them."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J. Woods --- California
There are always going to be people in your life that don't have your best interests at heart. When they reveal themselves, make the choice to believe them. Move on and wish them the best.

July 9, 2007
Carry a heart that never hates!
Carry a smile that never fades!
Carry a touch that never hurts!
Carry a friendship that never fails!
Carry a love that never demands!
Copyright © 2007 Nilesh Waykole

July 9, 2007
" Communication is the most important skill in life - Covey. Communication is the most important life skill - Me"
Written in 2007 by Ikhwan Sopa --- Jakarta, Indonesia

July 9, 2007
" Love is wanting to give another that which is truly needed."
Copyright © 2007 Brian E. Roscher
I think there needs some clearing up in our modern day society on what constitutes love. Love means giving, not taking. Love is not the feeling one gets from another person when that person does something for you... that is called appreciation. Love means that after you've gotten to understand someone, you give to them what you think they really want or need. The more you give, the more you love. That is love.

July 2, 2007
" Trust should never be given as a gift; it should be earned as a reward. Trust wisely."
Copyright © 2007 Adelyn Ortlieb
It has helped me tremendously. It is a motto. It seems intuitive, yet it is so often ignored. It keeps positive people around me. These positive people deserve the trust I invest in them because they have earned it.

July 2, 2007
" Just because it's hard doesn't mean you have to quit."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sara L. --- Michigan
I read this in a bulletin on MySpace a few months ago... I don't remember what all the posting was about, but this quote was at the end and it was sort of a smack in the face; I needed to take a big step to change my life and get out of the rut I've been stuck in for the past 2 years due to lack of success and this quote, as simple as it is, really opened my eyes.

July 2, 2007
" Self-respect is not a Holy Grail that is forever full. It is an oasis that must be replenished and refilled again and again through constant, consistent acts of compassion and honesty towards others. Failure to uphold one's ideals and principles will inevitably lead to a drying up of that oasis of self-respect, and we shall be forced to wander amidst the barren desert of despair and disillusionment."
Written in 2007 by E.T. --- United Kingdom


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