January 31, 2005
" The lessons learned by students are not always the lessons the teacher intended to teach."
Copyright 1972 Dennis Gable
January 31, 2005
" It is our duty to change the world."
Sydney Poitier in the 1967 movie To Sir, With Love" --- Submitted by ELizabeth Foy --- Georgia

January 26, 2005
" Trying times are for doing just that....TRYING!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley M., Age 15 --- Michigan
One of my family members told me this before my final exams. It really made a big difference!
January 26, 2005
" Think out of the bowl... don't be like everyone else...there is nothing special about being like someone else...and if you work hard enough, you will be magnificent...and that is the greatest you can be."
Brenda Clark, Speech Coach --- Submitted by L.W., Age 13 --- Texas
My theater coach says this to us all the time. She is a really great coach and teaches us many great life tips. Thanks, Mrs. Clark, for everything!
January 26, 2005
" Knowledge generation really only occurs in teams where people engage in doing meaningful work."
Paul Senge
January 24, 2005
" The world is not interested in what we do for a living. What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely - hope, strength, love, and the power to make a difference!"
Sasha Azevedo --- Submitted by Jonathan R. --- Ontario, Canada
January 24, 2005
" We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become."
Ursula K. Le Guin --- Submitted by Jasmine L., Age 15 --- Singapore
January 19, 2005
" Children are uncut jewels with invaluable potential. Teachers are jewelers with tools for making futures priceless."
Copyright 2003 Angela Harper Brooks
January 19, 2005
" Teaching is so enjoyable it is almost a sin, but yet a sin that raises and educates the next generation."
Copyright 2004 Melanie Griffith
January 19, 2005
" The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker."
Helen Keller
January 17, 2005
" Sometimes we are too busy staring in one direction, having been pacified with what has been and what is, that we miss out on what surrounds us and what could be or what might have been."
Copyright 2004 Ronald J. Champion
January 17, 2005
" I don't drive the bus; I honk the horn."
Stanley Zazarinski --- Submitted by JEC --- Texas
January 12, 2005
" Success is what everybody has. You have to go to school and find it."
Copyright 2004 Helen Brown
January 12, 2005
" When you change the life of a child...then you change the world!!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsay Bumpus --- Florida
January 12, 2005
" The heart knows no boundaries. A teenager defines them."
Written in 2004 by Victoria P., Age 16 --- Arkansas
January 10, 2005
" Try to avoid the most natural of all human tendencies; the nonchalant habit of resisting and rejecting out of hand, what we fail to appreciate or comprehend."
Copyright 2004 Joseph P. Martino
January 10, 2005
" Man does not learn anything, if he is not challenged. But if a man is challenged, he shall be rewarded with confidence, optimism, and intelligence. The road to success is not given to man. Man has to earn his way to this road and when he gets there he shall expect the unexpected, and desire the undesirable. When he has earned his way to the road of success he can do nothing but wait, wait to be challenged, and wait to succeed to the next level of success. Life is like a video game, even though you have succeeded there are many more levels to succeed in."
Copyright 2004 Shay Noori
January 10, 2005
" Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than right answers."
Josef Albers --- Submitted by H.Y. --- Ohio
It's true, one can't learn by memorizing, one learns by experiencing.

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