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Dear Friend,

What will it take to change the world? First, we must begin by changing ourselves. For many of us, becoming a loving, passionate, giving human being is high on our list of what we value.

What if you could spend a few hours watching movies that would not only help you make sense of things but also make you feel better about being a human being?

Where you touched by films such as Gandhi, Rain Man, Pay It Forward, Philadelphia, Schindler's List, Conversations with God or Forrest Gump?

These films taught us about compassion, non-judgment and tolerance, qualities most of us would agree are necessary to healing ourselves, and the planet. Well, I'm excited to tell you that our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle have put together a collection of films that do exactly that.

To see the trailers of this month's films and get your FIRST DVD FREE*, Explore The Offerings Now.

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