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Motivational & Inspirational Quotes
About Life and More

Do you love Inspirational Quotes About Life? Our entire inspiring collection comes from visitors to our site. Since 1997, people have shared their favorite thought of the day, quote that inspired them or motivated them in the hopes that it will do the same for you.

Some of the quotes are from famous individuals, others are from ordinary people like you and me. Everyone has experiences that provide hope, wisdom and advice that can be shared with others. We have well over 1,000 pages of quotes for you to explore.

Ready for a little Motivation? A little Inspiration?
Something Positive?

Motivational Picture Quotes  Our Inspirational Photo Quote Of The Day
A beautiful positive quote - every day - Monday-Friday

Inspiration is happening every day Have You Seen Today's - Motivational Picture Quote Of The Day?   New Post

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Need Pictures with Quotes to share

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Did you find something helpful here today? Did it make you feel a little better, a little stronger, a little wiser, or a little kinder? Why not share?

picture of a puzzle  Motivational Quotes | Inspirational Quotes and More

Our ever growing collection of motivational, inspirational and positive quotes are divided into sections - each features words of wisdom from our visitors and wise sages of the past and present.

Explore each section and discover the quote you were meant to read today.

Over 1000+ Pages of Inspiring and Motivating Quotes

positive stories, inspirational articles, motivational stories  Positive Stories | Articles

Read over 1,500 stories, poems and articles to capture your attention and your heart.

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