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Story Of A Working Mother

I got married in December 2008 with my love that I found while doing my Masters in Business Administration. My husband and I are very emotional and have loads of dreams in life. Now I will share a hidden part of my life.

After one month of my marriage, I started working because I could not sit home. To accomplish our dreams, we both are working hard, day and night, in spite of belonging to good family. Life is very strange. When any turn and twist happens, one cannot know.

I started working because I was career oriented and very ambitious in life. I use to wonder about people who worked to earn their bread and butter but I never knew in my wildest of dreams that I would be part of the crowd who works to earn a livelihood.

Blessed with a daughter in November 2009, she was just 3 months and 15 days old when I rejoined my job after Maternity Leave. My Husband supported me, My Employer supported me and my family supported me but I never wanted to work again because I belonged to family where after the birth of the child, till the child start going to school, a mother should give her full attention to the child.

Keeping all the values aside that I learnt from my parents, I went back to work and will work till my last breathe.

I miss my daughter every second. She has started recognizing and throwing expressions for liking and disliking. I cannot share my feelings with anyone, as I do not want anyone to know that I am broken completely from inside.

My husband and my daughter are my greatest strengths but I ignore them just to earn money and fulfill my dreams that I have in my closed and open eyes for my husband and my daughter.

Please, if any day, my daughter complains to anyone about her Mom (that I do not spend time with her) please tell her that she is my reason of survival and happiness and she is the only one who brings smile to my face.

This story is dedicated to My Husband and My Daughter, who are everything to me and my Life.

Copyright 2010 Deepti Shukla
Deepti is a Human Resource Professional in India.

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