I wrote this for my great Aunt who is now in a Nursing Home. She has always been a very special person to me: A woman of strength, courage and wisdom - a woman of peace and love.

Unnamed, I came to visit you at the nursing home today,
And as I looked into your eyes
I could see that your mind
Was in a different place and time.

I wish I could travel with you through the journey
That lives deep within your mind,
And see how you lived
In a different place and time.

Back to a place where there were no crimes,
And people where rich,
Even though they had not even a dime.
Where everyone practiced the golden rule,
Do onto others, as you would have them to do unto you.

So when times were hard
Everyone joined together
To help each other through.
Where parents taught their children
That love was the best thing
A person could ever do

Where men worked their land
To provide shelter and food
While the woman stayed home
And sent the children to school
And children had their chores they must do.

Yes times were hard, one might say
But the hard times are what made you
The women you are today.

Copyright © 2000 Cheryl Sanders

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