I was always successful, be it in my education or career life. I have never thought that I will fail even once in both aspects, for I know I am capable and know my stuff. Little did I know, a wrong move in my career will end me in deep trouble.

I was happily working in a company when a golden opportunity struck. I got head hunted! So, I moved on and worked in the new company. Yes, truthfully, the pay attracted me.

Days passed. My workload was light and I was earning more than I used to get. I thought maybe, I should continue this for a year then decide on what I want to move on as. I was planning to get a masters degree too.

However, the regional recession took me by surprise.

The company retrenched me. Hey, there were so many lazy bums in the company and I wasn't one of them. Why me? Well, I know. It is because I am not in the group of the decision maker.

I accepted the fate rather gracefully and picked up my emotions. I started looking for jobs immediately. In front of the interviewers, I am confident and know what I want. Yet no one knows I am feeling sad and worried.

A month has passed. I do have a few job offers but there is no news from the company with the ideal job that I went to interview for and hope to get. For the past weeks, it seems like a real test and a real challenge.

It was my discontentment that brought me to this state. I regretted being too greedy and money minded. But, the past is past. I was blessed to have a smooth path in my career. Life is not a bed of roses always. This is a time for me to prove my worth.

I know I am worthy for everything in the world. I won't give up, for I know I will get what I want, even if the company with the ideal job rejected me. I will move on and get what I want. No matter how tough the journey will take, I am determined to continue and fulfill my goals and dreams.

You too, it is a blessing that we are living right now at this moment. With failures, we grow. Somehow, I feel that my life has just started. It is not the destination that matters, it is the journey. Though my journey, for this round, is full of thorns and hindrances, I will definitely enjoy the trip and learn the lessons within.

Written by Fire C. --- Singapore