Don't Wait To Live Your Dreams

Why Not Now?

The time on earth you are blessed with is limited. As you grow older, time will seem to go even faster. Know that your time is quickly being used up. How you utilize that time, therefore, is one of the most important decisions you make in life. Yet, it is so easy to "put off until tomorrow" your dreams of today.

The hectic pace of today's living gives all of us an easy way out. We can put off our aspirations in order to cope with our everyday tasks. It's easy to tell ourselves that we will find time to pursue our dreams, after we have accomplished our lesser goals. Usually, it's our fears that keep us from plunging into any greater works, as we view failure as a real possibility.

Why can't we realize that we can gain knowledge, fortitude, and determination in times of failure? It's these experiences that should spur us on in furthering our goals.

"Why not now?" can drain you of your power to attain those ambitious goals. Don't be concerned with the idea that you are inadequate, unworthy, or undeserving. When you affirm yourself by saying, "Why not now, indeed!" you will be empowered to reach out and decisively change that questioning of "where will I find the time?" A positive attitude will enable you to overcome your deficiencies or lack of self-belief, worthiness, and self-confidence. The real truth of the matter is that there's no time like the present.

Whatever you aim to accomplish in life, you will achieve it more quickly, when you seize the day. All of life's joy, passion, and contentment can be yours. You need to remind yourself that there is nothing standing between you and attainment.

Now is the time. It's up to you. Know that God is on your side. You are here for a purpose. Fulfill your purpose by letting God mold you into the very best you can be.

Why not you? Why not now?

Copyright 2010 Bob Stoess --- Submitted by Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky

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