Do You Know The Secret Of Progress?

What Is Progress?

Man belongs to where he wants to go. Think 'improvement' in everything you do and think 'high standards' in everything you do. Believe it can be done.

Believing something can be done sets the mind in motion to find a way of doing it. There is a way. And, there is a better way. When you believe it is impossible, your mind goes to work to prove why. But when you believe and really believe that something can be done, then your mind goes to work to help find ways of doing it.

Many of us whip and defeat on why we can't, when the only thing worth concentrating on is why and how we can.

In almost everything in life, from work to home to community development, the formula for success is - 'do what you do even better' (improve the quality of your output) and 'do more of what you do' (increase the quantity of what you do). Qualitative up-gradation plus quantitative growth is progress.

Constantly remind yourself that you are better than you think you are so you can do everything in a better way than how you are already doing it. Also, constantly remind yourself that you are not doing as much as you can so you can do more of everything than what you are already doing.

Capability is the ability to better what you are already doing. Capacity is about doing more of what you are already doing.

Improve your capability. Increase your capacity. That's progress.

Sri. T.T.Rangarajan --- Submitted by Chithambaran T.S
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