See With Your Heart And Mind

A Man And What He Sees

In my life, I see so many beautiful things. I see the birds singing and flying around with great ease. I see the bluest of blue skies, sometimes coupled with white clouds floating like cotton balls in the sky. I see beautiful people all around me, smiling at me, and wanting to help me.

At night, I can see the beautiful sky, lit up with amazing stars that glow in the midnight hour. When I am enjoying the beautiful ocean, I can see the large foamy crests on top of the waves, as they crash down onto a wonderful beach, full of the finest tan sand.

In the spring, I see the fields full of rain and mud in the month of April, that make possible the blossoming of the most beautiful colorful flowers that are so picturesque when the golden rays of the sun shine down on them in the month of May.

Summertime is lots of fun for me. Mostly every day, I see the sun and it's pretty yellow color, shine down on me, and turn my skin a light shade of brown and sometimes red, if I stay out in it too long. The sun tends to dry up the little pond in my backyard and turns it into a barren, weed filled circle. Thank goodness I'm able to got my beautiful gold and white fish into the house before they pass from lack of water.

In the fall, I see the trees turning an assortment of exquisite colors ranging from a red hue, all the way to yellow and brown. As the leaves fall from the trees, and I watch them float to the ground, I sometimes see a speckle of small snowflakes accompany them on a cloudy brisk afternoon. I can tell when it is going to snow out, because the clouds appear to be fluffy and gray.

Boy do I love the snow... So many young children in the neighborhood come to my house because I have an extremely large front yard. They come to my house to build snowmen and they dress them up like Frosty the Snowman. They put the coal for his eyes, and the coal is as black as black can be, and they make sure that the top-hat is on firmly, for winter time usually gets a little windy. The corn cob pipes are rather large and sometimes fall out of his mouth, so I give the children some of my smaller pipes to use.

I am very fortunate that I have the ability to see everything in my life through my heart and mind. You see, I am a blind man, and have been blind from birth.

I see more good in my life, on a daily basis, than some people that can really see.

I let nothing stop me from seeing the beautiful and the wonderful. I let nothing get in the way of my happiness and completeness.

I may be a blind man, but I will not be blind.

Make everything in your life beautiful and happy. Never let anything or anyone stand in your way. Never let something sidetrack you from what you really should see - the good in everything and everyone.

Copyright 2009 Rich Barnes
I am selecting this writing, out of my many, because I truly believe that some people do not look beyond what they see in front of them. People miss out on beautiful things, that if noticed, could make their lives that much more complete.

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