Do You Have Hope?


Why does the sun rise
Why do we get up in the morning
Why is there breath in our lungs
Why are we here
For hope we live

Not because the grass
Is green beneath our feet
Not because the clouds
Are calm above our heads
Not because the sunshine is warm
And the breeze cool on our sides
But for hope
For hope we live

Not because there are mangoes up the tree
But because there is seed in the ground
And there will be a harvest
Not because the well is wet
But look the clouds are gathering
And there will be rain
And rivers will flow
Rivers of joy
Rivers of peace
Of life
For hope we live

Why does a baby crawl
Why does a widow hum
Why does a builder
Place brick on brick on brick
Why does a fisherman
Cast his net upon a bare lake
For hope we live

Not because yesterday was full
Not because today is fresh
But because tomorrow is fertile
For hope we live
And hope does not
Let us down!

Copyright 2009 Caroline Nderitu (Kenya)
--- Submitted by Nickson Kirongo

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