Lessons Learned On Life's Path

View Of Life

Life is so amusing, what you do unto others will someday come back and haunt you.

Letting go is part of life, we need to teach ourselves how to say bye.

Moving on is essential to our maturity.

No one is immune to mistakes, they always happen.

How we react to them determines who we become.

Being afraid and ashamed is a sign of the lesson leaned.

We need to stop being selfish,lets start to think of the needs of others.

Reduce your lies and treat others with dignity.

If it happened, it was meant to, don't stress about it (that's why it is called the past).

Yesterday needed to be in order for today to come.

Live for today and rejoice yesterday because tomorrow awaits.

You are judged by how you treat others...

Copyright 2010 by Vusi Mashiane

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