If I died tomorrow,
How would you remember me?

Would you remember all the happy memories we shared?
Would you tell your children about me?
Would you even remember me?

If I died tomorrow,
What would you say to me today?

Would you tell me you love me?
Would you tell me that I'll always have a place in your heart?
Would you tell me that I left many imprints in your life?
Or would you just tell me good-bye and good-luck with God?

If I died tomorrow,
Would you hold me close to you today,
Not letting go and telling me you love me dearly?

Would you take me out today and spend as much time with me as possible?
Or would you just call for a quick 5 minute chat with you hanging-up,
Leaving me to a dial tone?

We never know what can or will happen tomorrow,
So today we all must cherish and do what we can.
Whether it's telling our mom and dad we appreciate them for caring and raising us
Or cuddling with our boyfriends/girlfriends and enjoying the comfort of one another.

Whatever it is, do what you can today.
Remember yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow.

Copyright © 2002 Melanie Vang