Thank you for always being there. You are the stability in my life, the one who's always cared. Even when I let you down, when I wasn't there for you, you never walked away. You tried to talk, to see, to hear, and to understand; you never gave up on me. You just kept trying, until that day came, when I finally realized that I needed you.

I said to you I was sorry, I didn't expect you to care, or even want to look at me, but you did. You looked right into my eyes, into my heart, and told me you loved me. I knew I had hurt you, but you still reached out.

Now I know what friends are all about. To be a friend like you are, it takes unconditional love- whether happy or sad, near or far. No matter where life takes us, where we go, where we've been, I will always remember that. Thank you my friend, I will never let you down again.

Copyright © 2000 Jill Radovich