Mothers Are Special - Remember Their Love Every Day

I Love You Ma !!!

It was Mother's Day. He was driving his new royal blue Mercedes Benz and enjoying the bounties of nature. The road was smooth and the traffic was less. The trees on both sides danced with the wind and protected the street from the hot rays of the sun like a guardian. He was at peace listening to the birds warbling early in the morning.

The colorful flower shop adjacent to the road attracted his attention. He stopped his car, got out and took a closer look at some of the flowers displayed. There were bouquets of red, pink and yellow roses arranged neatly on the shelves. Every bouquet had a beautiful 'Mother's Day' greeting card attached to it.

He thought about his loving mother who lived two hundred miles away. He chose a nice bouquet of pink roses, signed the greeting card and requested the shopkeeper to courier it to his mother the same day.

Just before he got into his car, he noticed a small, cute girl standing next to the shop. She was counting the currencies in her hand. She seemed a little upset.

He went up to her and asked, "Can I help you?"

She replied in a choked voice, "I want to buy some red roses for my mother. But I have only eighty rupees whereas the bouquet costs one hundred rupees."

He smiled and asked her to accompany him to the shop. He bought a big bouquet of red roses for the little one. She thanked him profusely. He patted her and bid her goodbye.

While leaving the shop, he offered her a ride. She was elated and said, "Yes, please take me to my mother." He was thrilled as he could see her eyes sparkling with happiness.

She showed him the way, which finally led to a cemetery. She disembarked from his car, gave him a hug and said, "Thank you Uncle". Then she ran to her mother's grave, knelt down and placed the bouquet on the freshly dug grave.

The man was speechless for a minute. He immediately made a U turn and drove back to the same flower shop. He took the bouquet of pink roses from the vendor and drove down two hundred miles, at one stretch, to meet his beloved mother.

He handed over the bouquet to his mother, gave her a tight hug and said, "I love you, Ma."

She kissed him on his forehead and asked, "Why did you drive down all the way? You could have simply couriered the bouquet to me and wished me over the phone."

He said to himself, "This is a Mother's Love. At any point in time, mothers think only about our comforts and well being."

Written in 2010 by Chithambaran T.S. --- India
A mother is one of the greatest gifts of GOD. She is an embodiment of sacrifice and love. Love your parents. Give them time. Give your company. Give them a hug. They will be very happy. Their blessings will bring prosperity in your life.

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