Life The Life You Want Now

Self Realization

As I open the window, full of questions that come from within, I realize that I've been living a life in a wooden log. You can't look back or even sideways. You just look ahead and keep on going without knowing the reason behind.

It is like the water that leads you to an unknown world, with its strong current, that keeps you going with fishes that serve as strangers with no option to give.

A life with no meaning after all... only fate that carries you to the same direction over and over again with stones that seem to be the tool, stones that serve as thorns to your life in comparison with roses that blooms during spring time.

I believe that each one of us has disabilities that tend to pull us down and try to imprison the hope that is left. Our only hope is to get out of the bars to see freedom from outside.

God knows how much we are longing for his given freedom yet we tend to close our self in a box and see small things within those four walls.

I hope that no one will follow my track so I decided to write to you about my life.

Go on and be like a bird. Think and don't be fooled by the wind. Try not to be deceived with those beautiful trees that you see and wonderful clouds that seem to be cotton candies above.

Try to be a carpenter for yourself. Build a home in your heart because a true carpenter knows how to throw out hate and replace it with love.

There's so much more to life than you can imagine, so move on and leave all evil in your own box. Shine for others like the sun during the day and the moon during the night because no one will...except for you.

Copyright 2009 Joy D. --- Phillipines