Father's Day Remembrance

"Remembering My Dad"
By: Bob Stoess

Dad was a simple man; knowing God was his greatest love,
each night, you would find him, seeking power from above.
He was thankful for his many blessings, as they came his way,
he found comfort in knowing Him, and did his best every day.

I remember his hands, folded, humbly in prayer,
or reaching out to someone, when he saw a need of care.
He had a warm personality, to go with a great attitude,
and, I never heard him preaching, from some inherent platitude.

Yes, he had loving hands; to hold Mom real tight,
or to pat us kids on the back, when we did things right.
He could be tough as nails, whenever I did something bad,
then, sit me down and build me back up, never leaving me sad.

Dad worked hard, with his hands and big heart,
to impart to us all that he could, in giving us a good start.
He was always busy, but he took his time with each kid,
praying for us, meeting our needs, helping us in all that we did.

He was never boastful; the quiet type it was plain to see,
no marching bands, no media hype, but a blessing God sent to me.
With gentle strength and caring love, lessons learned long ago,
encouraging all of his children, never bruising a tender ego.

He was a source of strength, a teacher, and my guide,
the one the family looked up to, with loving trust, and pride.
He was truly a helper, always there, with a willing hand to lend,
my partner, my counselor, my mentor, and truly my best friend.

Dad you have a place of honor, deep within my being,
you've always been my hero, encouraging me in what I was doing.
I learned from you what integrity meant; values, worth, and merit,
teaching me to know that I'm capable, when I needed a motivating spirit.

Without you Dad, I wouldn't be the man I am today;
you built within me a foundation, no one can take away.
I've grown up with your values, I'm so very glad I did,
so, here's to you, dear Dad, from your eternally grateful kid.

Remember your Dad this Father's Day. He loves you and wants to hear from you. You are still that someone special in his life. Brighten his day!

Copyright 2011 Bob Stoess

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