Trudy, my wife, went in the hospital for her first chemotherapy treatment in August 1999. Just a few days after she was in the hospital, she told me about a "man" standing beside her bed very early one morning. She couldn't see his face but by the broad shoulders she thought it was a man. She also didn't know for sure if she was awake or asleep or in between.

She says the "man" told her (not in an audible voice, but inside her) "You and the other one will be fine." I asked her what did the man look like? She said that he was dressed in a white and gold robe with maybe some kind of a hood (or maybe long hair?). When she sat-up in bed, he was nowhere to be seen and she never saw him again. I told her that it had to be an angel? But we couldn't figure out who the other one could be.

We had met another lady who had the same kind of Leukemia as Trudy. Her name is Colleen. Trudy and Colleen became friends and visited each other once in a while. Just before Trudy was to come home after her first treatment, I went to visit Colleen and told her about Trudy's vision or dream. I said to her that as far as I knew she must be the other one? Colleen was all excited and her face lit right up. She and her Mom were very happy about that.

Trudy had been home for just about 3 weeks and was supposed to go back in the hospital for her second round of chemo on the 15th Oct 99 but we didn't feel very good about it on that morning when we woke up. Trudy got up to make tea and I stayed in bed a little longer to talk to the Lord. I just told Him how we felt. Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang and it was the hospital calling to tell us that Trudy could stay home because they didn't have a bed for her, and that it could take a day or two before they did. Trudy was very happy about that!

On that same night, we were watching TV and at about 09:30 PM when the phone rang. It was a lady from the Christian Women Association who wanted to know if Trudy wanted to take part in the next project. (They meet at the Legion to do some crafts and have Testimonies) Trudy told the lady that she couldn't come because she had Leukemia and was waiting to go back in the hospital at any time. The lady told Trudy that she also had Leukemia!

This lady described all the symptoms and told Trudy all about the treatments she went through and that she didn't have it anymore. Wow! Trudy was very encouraged by that phone call. Then I realized and told Trudy, and later on our prayer care group, that if she had gone in the hospital that morning, she would have missed that phone call.

Some ladies in the prayer group knew this lady and told me that her name was Tina. One day, while Trudy was in the hospital for the second time, my brother in law and I were supposed to go for a walk. He called me to cancel because something came up at work. I went by myself, as I do almost every day, and took a different route.

On my way back, at the bottom of our street, I could see an older couple standing in their front yard. They live only two houses beside us. I prayed and asked the Lord that maybe today would be a good time for me to talk to them about Him? I had never talked to them but I had waved on occasions. They have been living there for almost 4 years. Sure enough…the lady, Joan, started to talk to me as I approached and asked me how my wife was? Another neighbor had told her about Trudy.

During the conversation, I found out that she was also a Christian. Then she, Joan, started telling me about a girl that she knew years ago with whom she worked with in a candy store. She said that she had Leukemia and didn't have it anymore. She said her name was Tina!

Well…I was very interested by then. A few days later, I called a lady in our care group who knows Tina, and asked her to find out if Tina had ever worked in a candy store. Sure enough, it was the same Tina; the same Tina who called Trudy the night that she was supposed to be in the hospital. Joan, our neighbor, had also told me that they were sort of led to move into that house but didn't know too much why. Isn't that something? Then I decided to call Tina and told her the whole story.

She said "You're giving me goose bumps!" Ha! Ha! When I look back at all this, it's amazing! Just amazing! I think the Lord sent an Angel to comfort Trudy because she is His child, "You and the other one will be fine."

Tina, who is a born again Christian, who had Leukemia and doesn't have it anymore, called while Trudy was supposed to be in the hospital! The older couple, next door to us, are not too sure why they were led to move into that house, and come to find out that Joan, worked with Tina years ago; the same Tina.

The other one; we don't know. With the Lord there could be another one and another one and another one. PRAISE GOD!

In addition, my brother in law's son had to go in the hospital for a while. During his stay at the hospital, he met a nice girl and they both became friends. Her mom's name is Tina!

You guessed it… The same Tina! Glory to God! --- Hallelujah! --- The Lord is in control! Trudy and Colleen are in complete remission and feeling great. My wife and I live one day at the time, and we thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything He has done for us. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

Copyright © 2000 Jacques "Jerry" Lemieux