Of course everyone has heard the old saying "There is No 'I' in Team," But who understands it? Do you?

Would you give your ALL for your team?
Would you give up time for you,
But give more to the team if it would benefit the team?
Would you lay it all on the line for your team?
Would you gladly cheer from the sidelines for your team?
Would you take the time to say positive things to every teammate?
Would you be willing to be open-minded enough
To see everyone's point of view - your coach's included?

The one thing that "I" can do for a team,
Is to contribute the most "I" possibly can for my teammates.
Whether that is being a leader, a supporter, a motivator,
An instigator, an inspirator - what "I" need to remember
Is that my part as a contributor helps my team the most.

When every "I" can come together as "we,"
Is when a team becomes successful.
When "I" am willing to do whatever it takes
To open my mind and see what is truly best
For my team, is when "I" become successful.
And that's what "I" wanted in the 1st place, isn't it?

Do you have what it takes?
Dig in.
Open your mind,
Play the game.
Then, you will win.

M. E. --- Nebraska