Once You Believe In Yourself..

Here's To New Beginnings And New Horizons

Way back in 1st standard, a wise teacher of mine once told me,

"The world out there is a tough place for those who dare to dream, and even tougher for those who fight for their dreams. But if you have Faith in yourself and in your dreams, then, the same world will cheer for you and will shower your path to success with flowers."

Today, I thank her from bottom of my heart for imparting this great piece of wisdom. For it was my faith then, which inspired me to dream, and my faith now, which helped me take a great step towards realizing it.

It was because of this faith that I took chances, risked all I had, took tough decisions and made weird choices (fortunately the right ones). But in the end, it was totally, TOTALY worthwhile because it earned me a seat in one of the state's best dental colleges.

Gosh, Dad was so right in saying, "It's not time and situations that decide your future but the choices you make and the decisions you take certainly do."

The fruit of success tastes great... and the view from the pinnacle of success I just conquered is simply amazing.

With the clouds of uncertainty clearing up and getting to see the sun shine bright and clear, I couldn't have asked for more. After this kick-ass beginning to yet another journey of life, I'm really looking forward to new experiences, new horizons and new achievements.

Copyright 2010 Priya Agarwal

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