Are Your Efforts Focused On One Goal?

Never Let Go

"Like a cowboy in a rodeo, riding hard but never letting go."
--- Jimmy Barries

Throughout history, perseverance has been the universal ingredient common to all outstanding achievement. It is said that nothing succeeds like success. But to be victorious, winners must exercise some level of doggedness; persevere in their earliest efforts when things look most challenging.

To be successful, you need to first be focused, with little or no deviation from the course you have set and goals you have designed. It is then you can now talk of perseverance. A decisive action with never let go attitude is a quality of perseverance.

Funny how people set success as a goal without proper definition of what success means to them. Without focus, they try one thing today and another one tomorrow and then another one believing they are supposed to make it with one try.

They are really only scattering their efforts and resources that are suppose to yield them something meaningful in one effort. The reason is that they are deluded about what they want.

I have never seen someone with a focus who has not achieved the goal, although it might come from where and when least expected.

For instance: A student, whose main aim is to graduate, will sail through after one or two failures. While it sounds easy, it is because everyone who gets into that course of action attaches so much importance (focus) to it; i.e. to become a graduate.

Most of the time, those who scatter their efforts and resources are people who desire to be financially free and attain fame. All you need is one course of action you are passionate about, with a never let go attitude, and in no time you will achieve your desired goal; be a tailor, an artist, a teacher, a writer and nothing but that.

Do everything legitimate to be the best at it and money and fame will naturally be added to it.

Copyright 2010 Balogun Adewale
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