You Will Decide What Your Future Will Be

The Future

Life is a divine chaos. The universe is so perfect that at times we can't understand it, but our futures are what we choose; we create them by our choices everyday.

I am the writer of my own life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and I can't delete my mistakes but I can learn from them. That's how I think of life.

My future is not written yet; it's still being worked on. What I am writing and editing is my last year of high school. What I will do alone in this crazy, wonderful world where we live in?

My life, like everyone's, has had its up's and down's. Today I stop and think if I will still be here in Texas, if I will have a chance to become a surgeon, if I will have a chance in life to be someone, or if I will give up half way like almost everyone?

I am dreamer, that's what they say. Today, while I am writing this, I feel ordinary, and I feel like a part of the bigger picture; not the one at the top of the mountain but just one more.

I am trying to be like before - to be at the top, but it's not really about what's waiting on the other side. It's all about the climb to get there. It's about the hard work, courage, and dedication it takes.

I am not a hopeful person. I am always sure, because I know better - that what needs to happen will happen.

What I expect in the future is to be able to go to college and move on, to have a doctorate degree as a specialized Cardiothoracic Surgeon and to live in Seattle, Washington.

I would love to go to Harvard University in Boston. I would love to begin the new level in my life.

I see myself being accepted to Harvard. I see myself in the future pursuing my lifetime dream of becoming a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. I see an optimistic future in my life.

I see beyond the finish line because I know I am the writer of my own future.

Written in 2010 by Obrayan M., Age 13 --- Texas

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