Mindfulness - Awareness

A Fallen Man

I had an "eye opening" experience last Friday, which I decided to write up after reading this news article This strengthened my belief that: "there are no accidents".

It all started on a Friday morning at the office. Our team was under pressure dealing with unexpected changes in our new business plan together with a setback on an important real estate deal. So to try and regain some clear thought and balance, I decided to spend my lunch hour at the gym. Blessedly, during the work out, my mind did quiet down as I just allowed myself to focus on my exercise routine, and so, gained some measure of peace.

Soon afterwards though, the reality of our challenging working world returned to my awareness. My earlier, anxiety filled thoughts returned and again my mind was flooded with the litany of events!

Seeking some additional comfort before heading back to the office, I said a silent prayer while still seated on the locker room bench, asking for a little help. Immediately, I felt answered with a kind "yes, I am always with you". I smiled; feeling refreshed, and gave thanks.

Then, as I rose to leave, I heard a low gasping voice calling out "help me... help me."

At first, I saw no one. But then... I noticed, at the far end of the room, a man had collapsed on the floor... he was partially obscured behind an upended bench. I quickly went over to him to offer assistance. Upon arrival, he asked if I could please help him to get back on his feet, as he was unable. I took hold of his hand and brought him back up, and along with the help of another gym member, we righted his bench and sat him down on it. He said that he would be alright and thanked us both.

Later that afternoon, as my mind began to further clear, a buried vision was brought sharply back into focus! That man I had helped had called out earlier! Yes, once the fog had lifted on that veiled memory I could now recall: When I had first entered the locker room there had been his voice calling out... BUT, I did not "see him"... was too caught up in my own personal drama from work. It was not until I had cleared my mind and returned to the present moment that I finally heard his cry for help!

I believe there were three "gifts of awareness" given on that day:

  • When asking for help it is always given

  • To fully receive help, we may first need to help another

  • Thoughts focused on our own concerns can sometimes blind us to the needs of others
Copyright 2009 Edward G. Drennan
Inspired by these events, our team soon found the needed solutions, and so, we emerged even stronger than before ... wishing everyone the grace of wisdom to transform life's challenges into opportunities for new growth and happiness!