I overreact

I misunderstand

I make mistakes

I won't admit my mistakes

I listen

I give too much advice

I try to sound appealing

I can be jealous

I will be opinionating

I won't lie

I won't cheat

I can cry

I can't agree on everything

I won't agree on everything

I stick up for friends

I stick up for myself

I would rather daydream than concentrate

I won't take "no" for an answer

I won't be walked on

I am easily frustrated

I will try things more than once

I will yell

I can speak my thoughts

I can't keep secrets

I judge people

I don't like to be judged

I am a hypocrite

I will not stand for put downs

I will dish out what is given to me

I will walk the walk before I talk

I shake when I'm nervous

I can sing

I have talent

I do what I want to do

I won't stand for second best

I won't put up with immoral people

I would die for my beliefs

I have a temper

I am a good friend

I am a bad enemy

I am judged for what other people have done

I will not be given a chance all the time

I will do things when I am told not to

I will not stand for favorites

I will mess with something I don't understand and regret it later

I can give up easily

I can be ignorant

I will be heard

I won't be forgotten

I can be better than I was

I will be better than I am at this very second

I am not as ugly as I think I am

I can have a sense of humor

I do have morals

I live by them

I love my family

I would die for my friends

I dream of change

I am comfortable with familiarity

I regret not saying what I think

I try to forget the times I made a spectacle for myself

I bask in glory having full attention

I hate losing

I live with it

I miss my Grandpa

I love rock music

I despise prejudice

I can be philosophical

I can be childish

I have responsibility

I like to sleep

I can be me

I will be me

I love me

I won't change myself for anyone

I won't always listen to you

I won't always be who you think I am

I have some secrets

I have few regrets

I will stick up for you

I hope you would do the same

Copyright © 2002 Jessica Lynn Madden
This is me...It may have made you laugh, think, become angry, or make you question me. I ask for you to just read this over again, let it sink in, the next time you see me think about how much I've changed since the last time you saw me. I know I will do the same next time I see you. A lot changes and half the time you don't even notice it. We change everyday, whether we like it or not. If we never see each other again... remember me...I will remember you....