Your Inner Child

Man Talk

Young man sitting on the fence

Wondering if this makes any sense!

Football player, sometime troublemaker

One of the schools best orators

Went up to bat and bowl and field,

Decided that to no one you will yield!

Don man, face man, the girls they pet,

The one whose attention no one could ever get.

Always dapper

Yet they said you were too proper

So you broke the mold

Ambitious and bold

From Math and Chemistry wiz

To big on the Schools Challenge Quiz!

You had the will,

You marched to the drill

Of the beating drum

But no one could come

Close to your back

Because you proudly led the pack

You rose to the top

And refused to drop

Your grades to suit the rest

Because they refused to be the best

Future politician

World class musician

Teacher, Preacher

Trade Union Leader

Yet you left him standing

While you went looking

For dreams untold

None yet unfold

So open the door and let him in

The dreams you had are still within

And then you will realize that your future lies within his eyes

And then you will see that he holds the key

To guide you to your destiny!

Copyright 2011 Easton Leiba
I wrote this to celebrate the man within us as men. That inner child is what serves to remind us what direction we ought to be taking with our lives as adults. Remember: "Life's not as bad as it may seem, if you open you're eyes to what's in front of you."

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