Speak Loving Words


Make them loving, make them calm,
Never let them do any harm,
They make a difference to ones near and far,
Let your words be kind never to make a scar.

They decide your life's journey,
They get you friends so many,
Speak your words thoughtfully,
Let them make your world a melody.

Use your words to comfort the one,
Who has lost his track in the long run,
Let your words bring a smile,
Throughout life across miles.

When life's journey comes to a halt,
Let your words remain without a fault,
Let your words give an everlasting memory,
Let them carry a hope for many!!

Copyright 2010 Shiny Oommen
Currently I live in Dubai and writing is my passion. If my write-ups can ever inspire someone or touch someone's life, it brings immense happiness to me!

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