Look fear in the face. Be brave and bold. Don't be scared of the unknown. Accept your own wrong doings as an opportunity to search deep within your soul. This way, you can't blame others for your problems.

Be strong my child, admit defeat and always stand tall with dignity and pride. Allow your tribulations to become your guide for new found wisdom. Don't look back with regret; move forward with positive thoughts about the good and bad.

Be slow to speak and listen openly to what others have to say with respect. Remember you have a choice to make. Live negative or positive; the choice is only dependent upon you.

You are sent to this world for a reason; a gift to others and remember always you have a special purpose so never give up but move straight ahead with love, peace, forgiveness, and strength!

--- Copyright © 2001 Natalie Trollmann
( This was written for my girls, ages 1 and 6, in hope that they will meet challenges head on and become strong, dignified young women. )