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Turning and twisting and moving through each new experience... Diving in and drowning with the ecstasy of the unknown...Climbing the coiled nothing to end in a place never found before...Being consumed by the knowledge-giving tests that make us grow...

Knowing that light and dark are but different words for the same thing...Bearing the discomfort of vulnerability for it means nothing more than the opportunity to learn...Realizing that pain will always transpire pleasure and that the opposite is also true...Being aware that courage is not the absence of fear, but action despite its presence...

Arriving on the other side imbued with the an all-encompassing love of life...Then starting over again...This is the process of discovery and fulfillment...This is where true life lies...Embrace this gift, for you are given but one.

Copyright © 2001 Paul M. Bedford
I have always been one to derive inspiration from the words of amazing others. What I have penned are my thoughts on life and how pain and fear, which are shunned and avoided by our society, can in fact be tools to let us grow and experience. I hope even one person can gain some insight from my words.