I don't know exactly... I'm quite unaware
On the 12 January why I was there
Perhaps it's destined, Orange where we both ought to be
Together, we set foot on a fairy-tale journey

I don't know exactly... what drew me near
Such great magnetism that I fear
Must be your nonchalance that stirred my desire
In search for an explanation for the silence I hear

I don't know exactly... what awaits
Great sense of curiosity flooding my head
What's concealed behind that shield
That's the truth I must unveil

I don't know exactly... why I kept little distance
Time and again I showed no resistance
Confided in you without hesitation
Venturing into the unknown, my quest uncertain

As time goes by, I realized
The journey ahead, a mission lies
A total revolution I could never hide
Am I game enough? I must decide

The path I took, I understood
The rules in life I keep in mind
Requiring the utmost determination
I'm praying... praying for a rewarding expedition

Till the end beside you I'll stand
For I have found a loyal friend
From cradle to grave, for better or worse
I see the reason for why you're here

Descended from heaven, my guardian angel
All ordeals we will prevail
A promise to love unconditionally
Releasing my fear that's deep within

Copyright © 2002 Lowell Tan - Singapore
--- Submitted by Tan Joon Lian --- Singapore