I really thought you cared this time,
  just like you said you did.
I really thought things would work out this time,
  not like yester-year.
I really wish they would have.
  so you'd know I really care.
I really wish you would,
  see my falling tears.
I really want you to know,
  how much you mean to me.
I really want you back,
  for you to hold me tight.
I really need to hear your voice,
  to show you really care.
I really need to see your face,
  to see your happy smile.
I really could get over you,
  and move on with my life.
I really could get a new man,
  to show I can pretend.
I really need to realize, that you don't want me,
  like I thought you did.
I really need to realize, you have moved on,
  and you don't think of me.
I really see how much you care,
  that you'd rather be my friend.
I really see that I love you,
  even though you don't love me!

Copyright © 2002 Lizzie Howard