The Law of Attraction And The Universe Love Intense Belief

The Power of Intense Belief

Intense belief is a thing that can be used to channel our energy into constructive use. Here are a few ways based on intense belief to have a rewarding day (life).

Always walk and act as though you had just closed a million dollar deal. Look like a success! Talk like a success! Act like a success! Think like a success! And YOU WILL BE A SUCCESS!

Concentrated intense belief in your ability to do a certain thing, somehow gives you the extraordinary power to do it. It is as though some unseen hand removes obstacles, arranges, circumstances in your favor, provides the necessary personal contacts and mysteriously guides you to achieve what you INTENSELY BELIEVE you can do!

Overcome fear of doing the right thing by desensitizing the fear feeling; by doing the very thing you are afraid to do. AVOID POISON THOUGHTS like violence, hate, resentment, escapism, withdrawal!

If you intensely believe that you will succeed, even if right now you don't have the necessary education, you will get it, sometimes from unexpected opportunities which you never even imagined were available to you until you began to INTENSELY BELIEVE you would succeed. Not only the necessary education, but everything necessary to your success will progressively become available to you as you more INTENESELY BELIEVE you will succeed.

M.R.Kopmeyer --- Submitted by Sam Vijay Kumar --- India
The reason I selected this one is all people at some point or another are affected by wrong thoughts that they willingly or inadvertently entertain. Our success depends to a large extent on our attitudes rather than facts, as an eminent authority (Robert Schuller) says. Hence it is important for all people to keep their thoughts and mind in check, in order to avoid unneeded outcomes. Instead, if we choose the right thoughts and actions, we can really have a fulfilling day and life.